Connected Vehicles

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Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles come with an array of advantages that include not just improved vehicle safety but also enhanced vehicle efficiency and shorter commute times. The development and use of a number of different technologies that enable vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), and vehicle-to-device systems (V2X) communication has resulted in the reduced need for new infrastructure, crash elimination, improved energy efficiency, enhanced productivity, travel time dependability, new models for vehicle ownership.

Connected cars, however, are not devoid of challenges. Issues pertaining to privacy, security, the abundance of data, and data analytics are just some of the obstacles that companies foraying into this avenue need to surmount. Also hindering the progress of this emerging trend is the lack of connected cars and drivers for testing. Companies are looking to address this limitation and demonstrate their expertise in autonomous driving technology. The world’s largest automaker, Toyota’s, move to send 5,000 connected cars to Ann Arbor, Michigan in a real-world experiment is just an example of how players within the automotive sector are striving to make autonomous driving a reality.

Persistence Market Research offers a host of go-to-market strategies that lend clients a competitive advantage and weigh their capabilities against opportunities in the connected vehicles market. 

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