Automotive Emission Control

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Automotive Emission Control

The significance of automotive emission control was appreciated even before the Volkswagen scandal tore into the automotive sector. The escalating levels of air pollution have alarmed concerned parties and different countries and companies have been tackling this issue in varied ways. In countries such as the U.S., where the personal automobile is probably the single greatest polluter, the focus is on ensuring personal vehicles are equipped with automotive emission control systems. In other countries like India, emissions from light-to heavy-duty personal as well as public transportcall for more stringent vehicle emission standards.

The increase in travel, the surge in the production and sales of vehicles, tighter fuel economy and tailpipe standards, the introduction of computerized diagnostic systems to identify malfunctioning emission controls, and growing human health and environmental concerns are just some of the driving forces that have led to stricter automotive emission control. Persistence Market Research has its finger on the pulse of the automotive sector, tracking the evolving trends and issues that govern its growth.

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