Green Information Technology Services Market

Green Information Technology (IT) Services Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 - 2021

Market Overview

Green IT involves the practices related to information technology (IT) optimization and environmentally sustainable computing. It involves uses, manufacturing, design and disposing of servers, computers and associated subsystems such as communication system, networking systems, storage devices, printers and monitors effectively and efficiently with no impact or minimal impact on the environment.

Major objectives of green IT involves reduction of hazardous materials, promote the recyclability and maximize energy efficiency. Software deployment and optimization is dependent of factors such as algorithmic efficiency, resource allocation, virtualization and terminal server’s optimization. Many organizations are going green and they are finding vendors who can help them in providing green IT services which can help them reduce costs related to data centers and other IT services.

Big organizations and business firms already have started deploying metrics or criteria such as power use, water use along with tracking their corporate carbon footprint. In addition to it, firms are focusing on optimized use of their assets by reusing their existing IT assets instead of buying new ones. The capital intensive approaches adopted by firms are driving the green IT services market.

Corporate and IT sector’s desire to improve efficiency and save money is driving the global green IT services market. Many corporate and other sectors are hiring information technology firms to implement and help green IT initiatives in their firms and businesses. Furthermore, government initiatives for green projects is also leading to the growth of green IT services market.

However, currently green IT projects and green IT initiatives are primarily focused at data centers; thus, expanding the reach of green IT services into other IT functionalities holds major opportunity for the green IT services market. In 2006, Capgemini S.A. along with Cisco Systems Inc., SAP AG, Oracle Corp. and Intel Corp. formed Smart Energy Alliance (SEA) for the development of smart energy services (SES) and utilities. 

Global green IT services market is segmented on the basis of type of solution, services and geography. On the basis of solutions green IT services market is segmented into green IT solutions, purchasing solutions, equipment manufacturers solutions, real estate development solutions, green business solutions, workplace innovation solution, waste reduction solutions, energy reduction solution and sustainability compliance solutions. On the basis of service type the market for green IT services is segmented into IT system design services, IT infrastructure system designing services, integrated facilities designing services, business process and system design services, eco-footprint assessment, eco-innovation planning services, sustainability program and project management service, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) for IT system service and sustainable IT education program services.

On the basis of end-use industry the market for green IT services is segmented into information technology industry, government industry, education industry and healthcare industry, among others. North America and Europe are the largest geographical markets for green IT services in terms of revenue. Government and administration in these regions have extensively focused on the green projects. 

sustainableIT Inc., Accenture plc, GreenIT Inc., Cap Gemini S.A., BT Global Services plc, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, Hewlett-Packard Company, Computer Sciences Corporation, IBM Corp., Dell Inc. and Tata Consultancy Services Limited, among others are some of the major vendors in green information technology services market.

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