Newest Applications of Wearable Digital Walkie-Talkies

  • Published On : Apr 20, 2019

The unmistakable diversity in terms of applications of any electronic device will continue to remodel the lifestyle of consumers globally. Being a sought-after alternative for handheld electronics makes wearable electronic devices a reputable segment in global consumer electronics sector. Application of wearable devices has evidently expanded beyond the predicted boundaries, evolving as a highly adaptable section among electronic devices. In a similar way, wearable digital walkie-talkies market are also extending their applicability spectrum and exploring newer prospects for product development. The pervasive use of a wearable digital walkie-talkie is not limited to applications in telecommunication. In fact, applications of wearable digital walkie-talkies in retail and other business sectors are considerably influencing their demand around the world. 

In terms of market value, the global market for wearable digital walkie-talkie is projected to reach US$ 43.5 Mn by the end of 2021, exhibiting an impressive CAGR of 32.6% over the forecast period 2015-2021. Being a trendy mode of communication makes wearable digital walkie-talkies a popular preference among young demographics. Retaining the feature of one-way communications, these devices are also gaining acceptance among adults, who are aware of the conventional walkie-talkies. Unlike the analog one, digital walkie-talkies are far more efficient in communication operations, and do not endure difficulties such as frequency interference and loss of signal. 

Essentially, the global wearable digital walkie-talkie market has categorized applications on the basis of general consumer applications and public institution applications. For general consumer applications, wearable digital walkie-talkies are being used for personal communications, which mainly comprise of connecting people during leisure time. Additionally, wearable digital walkie-talkies are also gaining use in tourism sector by becoming good mode of communication for camping and outdoor activities. Similarly, wearable digital walkie-talkies also find application in terms of group communication as they can be used by tutors or mentors during training sessions for fieldwork jobs. 

Public institutions are another aspect providing favorable opportunities for applying wearable digital walkie-talkies. Law enforcement departments such as police academies and stations, prisons and other correctional facilities continue to be the most influential public institutions for adopting wearable digital walkie-talkies. Besides, their use is also expected to gain prominence in military departments and other public institutions such as telecommunications and power distribution sectors. 

Newest Applications: Outdoor Sports & Retail Packaging 

Among the latest applications, wearable digital walkie-talkies are being implemented by mobile companies who are resolving the hand-free communication issues during driving a vehicle. Since hands-free communications are already governed by Bluetooth and other technologies, it will be difficult for wearable digital walkie-talkies to generate a supportive dais for future. 

In-store communication is also a relatively new application segment for wearable digital walkie-talkies. The use of such devices among employees in a retail or other commercial store can speed up the process and deliver better operational efficiency. Instead of announcing it on store speakers, employees can direct each other personally with the help of wearable digital walkie-talkies. 

Outdoor sports events are the newest application opportunities for wearable digital walkie-talkies. Such devices are more likely to garner demand from outdoor purposes as they might elevate fun in these activities. Snowboarding, skiing, circuit races, rafting, and motor rallies, among others, are some of the common outdoor sports events that have witnessed adoption of wearable digital walkie-talkie. Real-time communication is the biggest advantage of using wearable digital walkie-talkies in such events. Furthermore, the strong signal strength of wearable digital walkie-talkies within a predefined area can help improve communications among athletes while treading distances. It can also avoid the risks of connection hindrances and ensure that the dialogue gets transmitted with glitches, thereby promoting the consumption of wearable digital walkie-talkies in the global market. 


The global wearable digital walkie-talkie market procuring better applications. Outdoor sports & retail communication to fuel demand for wearable digital walkie-talkies.

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