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PMR for Marketers

If a business is not being marketed, it is not making progress.

Marketing lies at the heart of business success and the right combination of advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales determines whether a product or service will survive and thrive in the market. The importance of marketing is undeniable since it is also a source of revenue and income for any organization. It is difficult to overstate the role of a marketer in any business; as an innovator, instigator, integrator, and implementer, a marketer serves vital functions in any organization whether it operates as a not-for-profit or for-profit firm.

Companies are always on the lookout for marketers that can provide solutions covering several key aspects such as customer experience, social marketing, marketing management, multichannel marketing, emerging trends, data-driven marketing, commerce, and mobile marketing. For those looking to improve their marketing strategies, Persistence Market Research offers sharp consumer- and industry-related insights, irrespective of the industry.

 Multichannel Marketing

The introduction and adoption of several direct and indirect communication channels – such as retail stores, websites, direct mail, mail order catalogs, mobile, and email – has given rise to the need to market a product or service on several platforms. Given that consumers today have more control over the purchasing process than marketers themselves, it has become imperative for marketers to be where the customers are.

The sheer number and variety of marketing channels today has caused companies to pay increased attention to strengthening their marketing strategies to include a wider audience. Persistence Market Research identifies channels that work best for specific clients and guides marketers on how to best approach and attract customers.

 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has emerged as probably the most interactive and effective marketing strategy for most companies today. Businesses are focused on developing innovative and engaging digital marketing strategies that can serve customers better than the competition. Digital marketing offers real-time insights pertaining to social trends, consumer purchasing habits, customer preferences and dislikes, and performance of rivals through digital commerce and social analytics.

Persistence Market Research provides marketers the research, intelligence, tools, and recommendations that can shed light on the key digital marketing strategies to acquire, convert, and retain customers.

 Enhanced Customer Interaction

Interpersonal communication with the customers goes a long way in retaining customers and their loyalty. Customer interaction is not just a means of gaining feedback on a product, service, or brand but can also be seen as an opportunity to identify needs. This can help raise the level of satisfaction among consumers and at the same time, cross-sell for the company.

Improved customer interactions can help serve customers more effectively and also notify them about upcoming products and services. Persistence Market Research helps clients encourage as well as improve customer interactions in order to enhance customer experience and the overall success of the business. 

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