Hill-Rom Holdings Launches Air Fluidized Therapy Bed ‘Envella’

Date : Nov 15, 2017 Author : PMR Editorial Staff Category : Healthcare

Chicago based medical technology company Hil Hill-Rom Holdings, has lately launched the new Hill-Rom® Envella™ Air Fluidized Therapy Bed which is patient positioning equipment.

This new product is company’s most recent solution based on innovations that provides the most elevated quality of wound care to patients who are suffering from advanced wounds. This new innovation was showcased in the annual conference of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society which was organized in Salt Lake City in Utah.

In outlining the Envella bed, Hill-Rom Holdings sought after the particular objective of raising the standard of wound care, planning each part of the bedframe and remedial surface to fuel predominant results and a higher quality of care over a more extensive scope of complex patients. Envella bed which has the features like advanced pressure distribution based on weight and integrated scale, increased depth of bead and adjustable air flow, is intended to make air fluidized treatment more secure and comfortable for patients, and easy to use.  

The therapy for air fluidize has severely outperformed in case of healing of pressure injuries. In a far reaching investigation of 664 patients admitted in nursing home, air fluidize therapy helped in healing the wounds at a 4.4 times quicker rate than power-driven air surfaces. Following examinations and cost models appraise that this healing rate has brought down the healing time by 77% and a 66% decrease in the combined cost.

According to President of Hill-Rom Patients Support System, it was a remarkable challenge for the entire sector of healthcare to deal with pressure injuries. The president further said that although pressure injuries are very common still it cause genuine concerns to patients and their relatives that create monetary burden on healthcare system. However, the differentiated innovation provided by The Envella™ bed offers a perfect condition for healing to the treatment and prevention of pressure injuries that are in advance state. 

Hill-Rom Holdings is one of the biggest global medical technology company and related services to the healthcare industry. Company operates in more than 100 countries by partnering with health care providers and focus on patient care solutions to improve clinical and economic outcome. Company offer its products under trademarks such as, Hill-Rom, Allen Medical, Aspen, Mortara and others. Investment on innovation to enhance outcome for patients which in turn will generate revenue for the company, leveraging the sales and marketing capabilities, strengthening portfolio through merger and acquisition and transforming the  company, and working closely with the healthcare provider and focusing on improving partnership with them are some of the growth strategies of Hill-Rom Holdings. 

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