South Africa Uht Milk Market

In-Depth Analysis on South Africa’s UHT Milk Market: Rising Consumption of Semi-Skimmed UHT Milk to Drive Market’s Growth

Market Overview

Apprehending the forecast of South Africa’s UHT milk market depends upon the in-depth analysis of the market, and assessment of factors that shall impact the values estimated in the report. Among such factors, Persistence Market Research stresses the importance of increasing population in South Africa. The exploding population rate in South Africa has urged higher consumption of UHT milk products.

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Company Profiles:

  • Parmalat SA (Pty) Ltd.
  • Coega Dairy.
  • Clover Industries Limited.
  • Woodlands Dairy.
  • Dewfresh Products (Pty) Ltd.
  • Other.

Market Drivers

The country’s meek cold-storage or cold-chain infrastructure has fostered higher preference to UHT milk, since it can be stored for a longer period of time. With the surging population, South Africa’s UHT milk market is also projected to be influenced by the gaining pace of urbanization in the country. 

Compared to the other regions, South Africa’s UHT milk market will be witnessing a steadfast growth in the forecast period of 2014 to 2019 (considering 2013 as the base year for estimation and calculation of market values). China’s UHT milk consumption contributes 70% of the gross milk consumption in the country, while Australia demonstrates a promising future for suppliers of UHT milk. Dietary trends in the European regions have rendered them the largest regional market in the global UHT milk market. 

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Market Trends

Since UHT milk is an optimum alternative for proactive consumers such as sportsmen, armed forces, and even hectically-busy urban employees, South Africa is projected to attain rising demands during the forecast period. A crucial factor driving the UHT milk market in South Africa is increasing acceptability and keen participation of established milk distributors towards milk products. The school feeding program implemented across South Africa are supplementing the country’s UHT milk consumption among children and school personnel from different provinces.

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Market Restraints

Nonetheless, the report indicates how the prevalence of powdered milk is hampering the consumption in UHT milk market in South Africa. Furthermore, the soaring rivalry among milk manufacturers is hiking the prices at which UHT milk is available for common consumers in South Africa. 

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