Call for Enhanced Therapeutics to accelerate the demand for Perfusion Bioreactors

Published On : Aug 24, 2021

The biopharmaceutical vertical is emphasizing on screening for new-fangled producer strains coupled with improvised therapeutic production, that too, at reduced cost. As such, the necessity of carrying out intensive pilot scale experiments for long resulted in micro-scale bioreactor systems coming up. Perfusion bioreactors are amongst the advancements in the bioreactor systems having potential of revolutionizing biologics production. Persistence Market Research has captured the details on this part in its latest market study entitled “Perfusion Bioreactors Market”.

As micro-scale bioreactors facilitate successful scale-up regarding a bio manufacturing process, they get used in the earlier stages of bio-production, that too, smaller volumes. Perfusion bioreactors do increase the product’s scalability with size till 1,000L working volume. They do make way for high density viable cell as compared to fed batch technology. These bits of information have also been assimilated by Persistence Market Research.

Perfusion Bioreactors Market Segregation

The global perfusion bioreactors market, by type of product, spans large scale perfusion bioreactors (>1,000 liters) and small scale perfusion bioprocessing (50 liters to 1,000 liters). By end-users, it’s CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organizations), biotechnology companies, and biopharmaceutical companies. Out of these, small scale are in greater demand. End-users-wise, it’s the biopharmaceutical companies ruling. Persistence Market Research has listed out these exclusivities with insights in its market study.


North America holds more than 85% of the market share and the status quo is expected to remain unchanged in the upcoming period as well. Plus CDMO/CMO services are being increasingly adopted all across the US. Europe comes in second with the UK holding the baton. Also, the fact that the healthcare system of the UK is sponsored by the government can’t be ignored. This is followed by Germany. As perfusion bioreactors do away with filter clogging or low throughput they are being extensively adopted. As far as the Asia-Pacific is concerned, India and China are likely to be the torchbearers. The only hindrance as of now is lack of technical expertise. However, it is expected to get covered up in the upcoming period with increase in awareness, thereby prompting people to go for them. Persistence Market Research has encompassed this geographical scenario in its market study.

The Landscape Sketched by Competitors

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key participants in perfusion bioreactors market as follows:

  • Sartorius
  • Cytiva (Danaher Corporation)
  • Cell Culture Company
  • Eppendorf AG
  • Infors HT
  • Synthecon Inc.
  • Getinge (Applikon Biotechnology B.V.)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
  • 3D Biotek LLC

It has moved further stating that Thermo Fisher Scientific, in February 2021, did complete acquisition of a privately held POC molecular diagnostic company known as Mesa Biotech to expand its operations. RoboLector comes across as the microbioreactor wherein microbioreaactor system gets interfaced with the liquid handling robot. They, with the help of 96 or 48 parallel cultivations via microplates do give fermentation data on continuous basis (every 5-15 minutes). This robotic system makes way for controlling nutrient feeding and also adjusts pH by adding base or acid and carries out sampling as per requirement.

Persistence Market Research has further unleashed that Bioscreen C has developed microbioreactors for studying phenotyping, biotransformation, toxicity, and strain screening.

In a nutshell, the perfusion bioreactors market is all set to bring about a constructive disruption in the biopharmaceutical industry – Persistence Market Research

Perfusion Bioreactors Market

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