Industrial Robots

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Industrial Robots

The deployment of industrial robotics in the manufacturing sector has received a mixed response from those within the industry. On the one hand, their ability to perform complex, repetitive, and dangerous tasks with precision and speed is a major advantage to manufacturing companies. In addition, the financial benefits of industrial robots arising from the reduction in overheads, increased productivity, flexibility, and waste reduction have spurred their adoption in a number of organizations. On the other hand, the high installation costs, the need for advanced system engineering, and the skills required to manage these robots are challenges that inhibit companies from adopting them.

Be that as it may, industrial robots have been gaining rapid prominence with the development of sophisticated sensors, the advancements in artificial intelligence, and the introduction of robots with integrated touch and sensors. Moreover, despite what critics say, the use of industrial robots actually generates a host of employment opportunities through activities related to the design, development, promotion, sale, installation, operation, and maintenance of the robots.

Persistence Market Research offers its clients sharp competitive, application, regional, technological, and product insights into this rapidly expanding market segment and pushes them to overcome the price and tech barriers to consumer adoption.

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