Portable Monitor Market to Witness 14% CAGR through 2029, on Back of High Adoption in Commercial Sector

  • Published On : Mar 17, 2020

Increasing demand for computer peripherals integrated with innovative functionalities and features is driving the adoption of portable monitors across the world. The growth of the global portable monitor market is being propelled by the increasing adoption of laptop and desktop computers by large and small commercial end users, software development enterprises, and government institutions alike. The past few years have witnessed the trend of organizations archiving their paper-based records into commercial and consumer grade electronic storage solutions. Owing to this trend, the demand for portable monitors has increased significantly for various business and management processes. With the rising adoption of laptop and desktop computers among different industries, the demand for computing peripherals is projected to soar significantly during the forecast period, and this will in turn enhance the adoption of portable monitors.

The global portable monitor market is estimated to witness a steady CAGR of around 14% over the forecast period of 2019–2029, which relates to more than threefold growth over this time period.

Key Takeaways of Portable Monitor Market Study

  • With growing opportunities, companies have been adopting various growth strategies to capture a larger share of the global portable monitor market. Acquisitions of local component manufacturers and collaboration with leading technology innovators are some of the notable strategies being adopted by portable monitor manufacturers in order to sustain the competition.
  • Portable monitor manufacturers are focused on driving technology innovation by forming partnerships with leading technology hardware manufacturers.
  • The portable monitor markets in North America and Western Europe are projected to provide the most lucrative opportunities over the forecast period.

“Portable monitor manufacturers should focus on tailoring their product specifications as per the demand generated from small- and medium-sized enterprises. These commercial end users are likely to accelerate the adoption of portable computer peripherals during the forecast period,” says the PMR analyst.

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Availability of Budget-friendly Portable Monitors with USB Connectivity to Drive Adoption

Manufacturers of portable monitors are deploying cost-effective solutions that offer enhanced compatibility when used with laptops. Such portable monitors can be quickly plugged into a laptop via USB connectivity. These function as secondary monitors and improve the user’s productivity. Enterprises can use portable monitors to display a solo program on a full screen for conference communication and presentations. Portable monitors enable primary devices, such as PCs or laptops, to have more breathing room. Manufacturers are adding innovative features to their portable monitors that enable customers to use a multiple screen setup. Some portable monitor manufacturers are deploying light and small form factor models that feature the same functionality as all other larger sized variants.

More Valuable Insights on Portable Monitor Market

Persistence Market Research offers an unbiased analysis of the global portable monitor market, providing historical data of 2014-2018 and forecast statistics for 2019-2029. To understand the opportunities in the portable monitor market, the market is segmented on the basis of screen size, display, connectivity, end user, and sales channel, across eight major regions.

For additional insights on how growth of the portable monitor market will unfold over the next decade, write to the analyst at media@persistencemarketresearch.com

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