Stock Clamshell Packaging Market

Global Market Study on Stock Clamshell Packaging: Rapidly Rising Demand for Convenience Food Aiding Market Growth

Stock Clamshell Packaging Market Segmented By PET, PVC, PP, Recycled PET, Molded Fiber Material Type in Quad Fold, Tri Fold

Stock Clamshell Packaging Market: About the Report

Persistence Market Research (PMR) offers a blueprint of the global stock clamshell packaging market, which is estimated to exhibit impressive growth over the next ten years. The market is largely influenced by high demand for application in end use-industries such as food, cosmetics & personal care, and the homecare industry. Various key benefits offered by stock clamshell packaging such as versatility, product protection, and sustainability are driving market growth. PET material will be most sough-after over the coming years for packaging purposes, especially with recycled PET gaining immense traction. The report also talks about how surging e-Commerce sales are benefitting the expansion of the stock clamshell packaging market, with Asia Pacific emerging as the region offering the most opportunity for manufacturers in this space.

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  • Company Profile
    • Dow Chemicals
    • Amcor
    • Sonoco Products
    • WestRock
    • Honeywell International Inc,
    • Plastic Ingenuity Inc.
    • Lacerta Group Inc,
    • Highland Packaging Solutions Inc.
    • EasyPak
    • Clearpack Engineering, Inc.
    • Dordan Manufacturing Company, Inc.
    • Walter Drake Inc.
    • VisiPak
    • Panic Plastics, Inc.
    • Placon Corporation
    • Others (On additional request)

Stock Clamshell Packaging Market Overview

The global stock clamshell packaging is expected to expand at a CAGR of over 5% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2030. Consumers prefer packaging formats that provide security to the product inside. In scenarios where products are highly regulated, inappropriate packaging can lead to contamination, which results in loss of sales, and can even have legal implications for the company. Stock clamshell packaging takes away many of these risks. With safe stock clamshell packaging, the product is protected from unsafe storage conditions and handling during transportation.

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Versatility in Stock Clamshell Packaging Driving Market Growth

Whatever the size or shape of the product, stock clamshell packaging can be personalized to protect and accommodate it appropriately. Through the process of thermoforming, any size and shape of clamshell packaging can be created. Manufacturers offer customized stock clamshell packaging such as trifold clamshells that stand on their own and include a punch hole or hanger tag, allowing them to also be hung on a hook. These are preferred options where products are sold in warehouse stores, such as Costco or Walmart. Many businesses also opt for stock clamshell packaging as it is transparent and provides visibility. When customers buy goods, whether food or retail, in stock clamshell packaging, they are not left wondering what the product inside looks like. Due to increased demand for customized stock clamshell packaging from various end-use industries, key global players mainly focus on offering customized stock clamshell packaging for several applications, fueling the expansion of the global stock clamshell packaging market size.

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Changes in Urban Consumer Packaging Preferences

Growth of the stock clamshell packaging market can be largely attributed to rising demand for convenience food, especially in expanding urban regions in emerging economies. In the Asia Pacific region, growing trend of mini-formats and single-serve pack types is being observed. Stock clamshell packaging formats can be customized to meet these end-user requirements, which bodes well for the growth of stock clamshell packaging market over the coming years.

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Sustainable Stock Clamshell Packaging Gaining Traction across Globe                    

Packaging manufacturers are increasingly using materials with post-consumer or pre-consumer recycled content. Additionally, they also use starch-based bioplastics for some of their clamshell packaging options.

The food packaging industry demands smart, clean, convenient, and sustainable packaging solutions. Consumer shift towards sustainable packaging across the globe is fueling demand for recyclable stock clamshell packaging.

Stock Clamshell Packaging Market

Regional Outlook of Stock Clamshell Packaging Market

Asia Pacific accounts for a lion’s share of the global stock clamshell packaging market. Asia Pacific is the most rapidly urbanizing region. Leading packaging companies have expanded their coverage across countries in this region. Countries such as China and India are reliant on their agrarian economies, which boosts growth of various applications in allied and agricultural sectors. These factors are driving the growth of stock clamshell packaging market in Asia Pacific.

Moreover, growth of the market can be largely attributed to rising demand for convenience food, especially in expanding urban regions in emerging economies. In Asia Pacific, growing trend of mini-formats and single-serve pack types is being observed. Features such as portability, easy-opening, and reclosability continue to drive innovation in food packaging formats for a range of processed foods, including snacks and even foodservice products. Stock clamshell packaging formats can be easily customized to meet these end-user requirements.

e-Commerce is booming in Asia Pacific, which is leading to high demand for convenient and transparent packaging. Stock clamshell packaging is a preferred choice as it is easier to open and can be resealed. Moreover, manufacturers prefer packaging that is lightweight and portable, and also convenient to pack and transport.

North America is one of the attractive markets for stock clamshell packaging. One of the most common trends witnessed in North America is brand owners switching to more environmentally friendly materials for packaging. This drives the growth of recycled PET-based stock clamshell packaging market. Moreover, food packaging along with other product items such as cosmetics is required to be recyclable and lightweight, i.e. manufactured with less quantity of plastic. Stock clamshell packaging can be customized easily to offer these features to end customers. North America is estimated to witness a market value of US$ 1.2 Mn by 2020-end.

The Europe stock clamshell packaging market is slated to reach US$ 970 Mn by 2020-end. This is driven by growing preference of European consumers for convenience food. Increased packaging demand for frozen and chilled food as well as ready-to-eat meals is expected to boost growth of the stock clamshell packaging market in Europe. Surge in demand from expanding retail and foods & beverages industries, in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, and others, is boosting the Europe stock clamshell packaging market.

Stock Clamshell Packaging Market Insights by Material

The push for eco-friendly alternatives has compelled major brands to ditch single-use plastic and include biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable packaging. Consumers are inclined towards sustainable packaging solutions, which will boost the growth of the recycled PET market during the forecast period. Recyclable packaging materials are gaining noteworthy traction across the globe.

Stock Clamshell Packaging Market: Competitive Landscape

The global stock clamshell packaging market is moderately fragmented, owing to the presence of small-sized players in the industry. Tier-1 players account for 20-30% of the market value share. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, global leaders are mainly focusing on mergers & acquisitions, and continuously investing in R&D activities to provide products as per end-user requirements.

  • In 2018, VisiPak division, completed the acquisition of MasterPac Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri, a thermoform manufacturer specializing in clamshell packaging, trays, and blisters.
    • This move by Visipak, a leading manufacturer of clear plastic packaging products, significantly increases its thermoforming capacity and capabilities.

Some of the leading players operating in the stock clamshell packaging market include:

  • Amcor
  • Sonoco Products
  • Westrock
  • Placon Corporations, Inc
  • Honeywell International Inc
  • Plastic Ingenuity Inc.
  • Lacerta Group Inc
  • Highland Packaging Solutions

The Analyst’s Viewpoint

“The global Stock clamshell packaging market is estimated to witness significant growth over the forecast period, owing to the versatility offered by this type of packaging and high adoption rate for various applications in diverse industries. North America and Europe, together, are estimated to account for more than one-third of the market value share. This industry has been impacted by the ongoing COVID–19 pandemic, due to which, it is projected to experience sharp dip in 2020.”

Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Clamshell Packaging Market

Many giant manufacturers operating in the stock clamshell packaging find themselves on the verge of shutting down production facilities. Decrease in import and export of stock clamshell packaged products has also restricted the growth of the global market. One of the common issues facing packaging is the effect that the economy is having on companies that fall into the category that is not thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those companies are unable to generate funds to maintain their businesses and retain their employees.

Introduction of new restrictions on movement across the globe is creating disruptions in the supply chain. Lack of workforce, dearth of supplies, and restrictions on the supply chain are factors that have affected the growth of global stock clamshell packaging market. Packaging industries that deal in the packing of products other than daily essentials and medicines were shut down for a long period of time, and this has led to a dip in the growth of stock clamshell packaging market across industries.

However, with e-Commerce picking pace during these difficult times, in the long run, the global stock clamshell packaging market will get back to its normal growth trajectory.


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