Global Market Study on Shavers: Electric Shavers Product Type Segment to Dominate in Terms of Market Share During 2017 - 2025

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Persistence Market Research has published an insightful and unbiased report titled ‘Shavers Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012–2016 & Forecast 2017–2025’. As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive look at the global shavers market with a special focus on the market dynamics i.e. the drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats to be dealt with in the shavers market. The data has been extensively analyzed with the objective of arriving at the most accurate numbers concerning the shavers market so that report readers can use the shavers market report as an authoritative source for making long-term business decisions.

Structure of the Report

The beginning of the shavers market report has the introduction and the executive summary. The executive summary is the perfect first-glance of the shavers market and highlights the data relevant to readers who may be pressed for time such as the CAGR for the historical period 2012-2016 compared and contrasted with the forecast period. All the necessary information pertaining to high-growth markets from the perspective of value and volume share can be expected in this section of the shavers market report. The introduction includes the taxonomy along with the definition of the shavers market. The succeeding shavers market report chapters discuss the shavers market dynamics, pricing analysis, and cost structure. The market presence of key participants in terms of intensity mapping can also be extracted from this portion of the shavers market report.

Shavers Market Taxonomy


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • MEA

Sales Channel

  • Supermarkets & Hypermarkets
  • Online Retailing
  • Others

End User

  • Men
  • Women

Product Type

  • Electric Shavers
    • Electric Clippers/Trimmers
    • Rotary Shavers
    • Foil Shavers
  • Non-Electric Shavers
    • Safety Razors
    • Cartridge Razors

Market Segmentation

A vital part of the shavers market report is the market segmentation on the basis of region, product type, sales channel, and end users. The shavers market are mentioned in the form of the revenue, market share, and Y-o-Y growth comparison. The report has taken the help of key metrics such as absolute dollar opportunity and CAGR to present the shavers market data in a logical yet easy-to-understand format. The shavers market has been studied on the basis of certain key geographic regions viz. North America, Europe, Latin America, MEA, and APAC.

Competition Landscape

The concluding chapter of the shavers market is the competition dashboard where key stakeholders actively involved in the shavers market are profiled. This takes the form of a company and product portfolio overview, financial ratios, and recent company developments that impact their position in the shavers market. A SWOT analysis of the companies in question gives readers all the insights they could possibly need. It needn’t be stated explicitly how critical a competition analysis is to always stay one step ahead of all rivals in the shavers market. Nonetheless, readers are advised to peruse this at leisure for all the invaluable insights to be gained from it.

Best-in-Class Research Methodology

The research methodology deployed by Persistence Market Research to prepare the shavers market report is a methodology that has proven its mettle on several occasions and is trusted by our clients and envied by our competitors. Exhaustive primary research is combined with secondary research to assess the overall shavers market size and key players. The industry player list comprising retailers, experts, distributors, and manufacturers is developed along with a discussion guide for the purpose of primary interviews. The data obtained is thoroughly validated by way of a triangulation method that is the perfect trifecta of primary and secondary research coupled with PMR analyst speak. The shavers market report is then minutely scrutinized with advanced tools to glean all the qualitative and quantitative insights of the shavers market.

Beards back in vogue now benefiting the global shavers market

The metrosexual clean-shaven look has given way to the rugged, masculine, and bearded look of the 21st century. A beard is one of the most prominent symbols denoting a man’s personality and the latest trend seems to be favoring its growth. This has had a direct impact on the global shavers market. Famous celebrities and athletes have been photographed sporting a full beard and this has further boosted the appeal of the human ‘mane’. A survey conducted by USA Today Sports in the year 2015 showed that almost half the players in baseball clubs in the country sported some form of facial hair.

Reduced sales of disposable razors in developed countries

The sales of disposable razors has been plummeting drastically across the developed world mainly because people in these regions either opt for an electric razor or go in for the ‘full beard’ look. Furthermore, consumers are adopting environmentally-friendly practices such as minimizing the use of disposable razors blades. An independent study conducted some years ago stated that almost 80 million American men used plastic disposable razors that were responsible for approx. 35 million cubic feet of toxic waste every year. The vast majority of this waste is non-recyclable and is either dumped into the ocean or used in landfills. That is why customers are flocking to electric options in the shavers market that should help the global electric shavers market be worth more than US$ 14 billion in 2017 alone.

Inclination towards technologically superior razors in emerging economies

The advancements in electric razor technology have made them extremely convenient and efficient to use, driving the demand for the regional electric shavers market. Hybrid razors that are a unique combination of a trimmer and razor offer additional utility and are being eagerly accepted by average customers. Consumers are also opting for electric shavers with lithium ion technology. Foil shavers provide a closer shave and are perfectly designed for hair removal along tricky contours as opposed to traditional shavers available in the shavers market. In addition, foil shavers are easier on the skin, making them popular among consumers in the shavers market.

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Lack of awareness of electric razors a challenge in the shavers market

Consumers across the world are often not aware of the existence of electric razors in the global shavers market. This particularly holds true for customers above the age of 35 years who have used conventional blades and razors for decades. Thus, their acceptance of electric shavers is quite low, posing a challenge to the growth of the electric shavers market. The use of electric shavers necessitates these consumers to shift away from their long-held habits that is often easier said than actually done. People rarely wish to move out of their so-called comfort zone that is conventional razors in this case. Customers often feel that electric shavers do not offer any additional value over conventional razors in the global shavers market, hampering their sales prospects.

APAC electric shaver market to grow faster than non-electric shaver market

The APAC region accounts for the largest contribution to the global electric shavers market and is anticipated to record a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period. The APAC electric shaver market is predicted to cross a value of more than US$ 2.2 billion by end 2025, making it a huge opportunity key stakeholders in the global shavers market can scarcely ignore.

Company Profiles

  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Société BIC SA
  • The Procter & Gamble Company
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Edgewell Personal Care
  • Conair Corporation
  • Remington Products Co. LLC (Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.)
  • Helen of Troy Limited
  • Harry’s Inc.
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • The Eltron Company
  • Wahl Clipper Corporation
  • Super-Max Limited 
  • Andis Company, Inc.
  • Ningbo Kaili Holding Group Co., Ltd. 
  • Kai Corporation
  • Parker Safety Razor
  • Dorco USA
  • Mers Solutions Ltd.
  • Havells India Limited
  • Others.
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