Global Market Study on Dysphagia Supplements: Thickened Supplemented Beverages Preferred Choice Among Patients

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Improvements in Fluid Consistencies and Food Textures Boosting Market Growth

The development of texture modified supplements and thickened liquids has gained notable traction in recent times, fuelling growth of the dysphagia supplements market. Over the years, market consolidation activities such as collaboration between dysphagia supplement product companies and research academies have favored market growth, on the back of which, the market would exhibit a strong CAGR of 7% during the forecast period (2019-2029).

For instance, in 2016, Nutricia collaborated with scientific and culinary food research center-Alicia Foundation and launched Nutils, a food supplement for dysphagia patients. Such developments can solve eating problems in geriatric patients and also bring growth-specific market opportunities.

Launch of Pediatric-Specific Thickening Products to Create Significant Opportunities

A variety of dysphagia supplements are available in the market, only few target pediatric dysphagia conditions. Therefore, launch of pediatric-specific thickening products for swallowing disorders can create significant opportunities for manufacturers.

  • In 2018, Parapharma Tech developed thickener product known as Purathick, for pediatric use in America.

Increasing Awareness Campaigns by Government and Other Organizations

Government and non-government organizations are increasing awareness programs to educate people regarding the disorder and available treatment options. These programs are anticipated to increase the demand for dysphagia supplements fueling market growth.

  • For instance, National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders conducts public awareness campaigns on dysphagia in the U.S. and Canada on a regular basis.
  • According to a survey conducted in 2014 by the Department of Medicine, Jamaica, 37% patients are unaware of the causes of dysphagia and thus, do not consult healthcare providers.

Increasing Prevalence of Strokes Accelerating Market Growth

Strokes are recognized as one of the leading causes of death worldwide associated with multiple complications such as dysphagia. Post stroke dysphagia is directly related to increased mortality and morbidity resulting in increasing focus on treatment of dysphagia.

  • In 2014, a report published by WHO estimated that more than  15 Million people suffer from strokes globally out of which,  around 65%  are diagnosed with swallowing disorders.

Thick Beverages from Natural Source Preferred Choice of Supplement

Thickened beverages containing dysphagia supplements are the most preferred choice amongst dysphagia patients, which ensure safe and adequate hydration. Additionally, post consumption benefits of dysphagia supplements resulted in better acceptance amongst patients and ease in drinking.

  • For example, in 2016, a clinical trial report carried out on 128 adults, which was published in the Journal Rehabilitation Nursing reported that naturally nectar thickened beverages was found to have better acceptance than thickened beverages in patients.

Competitive Landscape

Abbott, Nestlé Health Science, Danone S.A., Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc., and NUTRI Co. Ltd are some of the top players operating in global dysphagia supplements market. Offering wide variety of dysphagia supplement products is the key strategy of these players to gain competitive advantage and increase market presence, globally.

Analysts’ Viewpoint

A comprehensive perspective of the dysphagia supplements market has led our analysts to infer that the dysphagia supplements market is growing at a remarkable rate, with Europe and North America leading the global dysphagia supplements market. Increasing prevalence of dysphagia in geriatric as well as pediatric populations is anticipated to provide huge growth opportunities for the key players in the dysphagia supplements market. Also, increasing demand for natural thickeners will also contribute to the growth of the global dysphagia supplements market.  Growing inclination towards online medical stores and growing penetration of e-commerce is anticipated to fuel the growth of the dysphagia supplements market.

Dysphagia Supplements Market - Scope of the Report

Persistence Market Research (PMR) recently published a market study on the global market for dysphagia supplements. The study provides detailed assessment on the key market dynamics, including drivers, trends, opportunities restraints, and detailed information about the dysphagia supplements market structure. The market study presents exclusive information about how the dysphagia supplements market will grow during the forecast period of 2019-2029.

Key indicators of market growth, which include Year-on-Year (Y-o-Y) growth of the market, and compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) are explained in PMR’s study in a comprehensive manner. This information can help readers understand the quantitative growth prospects of the dysphagia supplements market during the forecast period.

The study is relevant for stakeholders in the dysphagia supplements market, including dysphagia supplements product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and investors, and can help them in developing appropriate strategies to grow in the market. Stakeholders in the dysphagia supplements market, investors, industry experts, researchers, and journalists, as well as business researchers can leverage the information and data presented in PMR’s study.

The study also includes statistics as well as facts related to macro as well as microeconomic factors that are impacting developments in the market. It also offers actionable insights based on the future trends in the dysphagia supplements market. Furthermore, small businesses and new entrants in the dysphagia supplements market too can make use of the information presented in this study, based on which, they can make appropriate business decisions to gain momentum in the market.

Key Segments of Dysphagia Supplements Market

PMR’s study on the dysphagia supplements market offers information divided into three important segments-product type, end user and region. This report offers comprehensive data and information about the important market dynamics and growth parameters associated with these categories.


End User


  • Powder Thickener
  • Ready-to-drink Thickened Beverages
  • Instant Food
  • Oral Nutritional Supplements
  • Hospital Pharmacies
    • Hospitals
    • Nursing Homes
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Drug Stores
  • Supermarket
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Key Questions Answered in PMR’s Dysphagia Supplements Market Report

  • Which regions will continue to remain the most profitable regional markets for dysphagia supplements market players?
  • Which factors will induce a change in the demand for dysphagia supplements therapy during the assessment period?
  • How will changing trends impact the dysphagia supplements market?
  • How can market players capture the low-hanging opportunities in the dysphagia supplements market in developed regions?
  • Which companies are leading the dysphagia supplements market?
  • What are the winning strategies of stakeholders in the dysphagia supplements market to upscale their position in this landscape?

Dysphagia supplements Market: Research Methodology

In PMR’s study, a unique research methodology is utilized to conduct extensive research on the growth of the dysphagia supplements market, and reach conclusions on the future growth parameters of the market. This research methodology is a combination of primary and secondary research, which helps analysts ensure accuracy and reliability of the conclusions.

Secondary resources referred to analysts during the production of the dysphagia supplements market study include statistics from government organizations, trade journals, white papers, and internal and external proprietary databases. Analysts have interviewed senior managers, product portfolio managers, CEOs, VPs, marketing/product managers, and market intelligence managers, who contributed to the development of this report as a primary resource.

Comprehensive information acquired from primary resources and secondary resources acts as a validation from companies in the dysphagia supplements market, and makes PMR’s projection on the growth prospects of the dysphagia supplements market more accurate and reliable.

Companies covered in Dysphagia Supplements Market Report

  • Abbott Laboratories Inc.
  • Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.
  • Nestlé Health Science
  • NUTRI Co. Ltd
  • Danone S.A.


Dysphagia Supplements Market

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