Caprolactam Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2013 to 2017 and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Caprolactam  Market
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Global Caprolactam Market Overview

Primarily, as an intermediate of polyamide 6, caprolactam is used. Caprolactam with chemical formula C6H11NO associates different characteristics and application requirement as per their manufacturing in the end products. Growing demand for various applications of caprolactam in the polyamide 6, especially electrical & electronics, automotive, and film & coating segments. Proposals for improvement of infrastructure, increasing construction market in developing economies, and an upsurge in auto sales, will drive the polyamide 6 market and henceforth the caprolactam market.

Global Caprolactam Market Dynamics

Caprolactam includes superior qualities including abrasion resistance, high strength, chemical & oil resistance, elasticity, along with low moisture absorbency of resins and nylon fibers. R&D is a key part of caprolactam market. The associations, manufacturing companies, and end-product producers pervade high investments for technological modifications and future advancements of caprolactam as a precursor to substitute metals and fulfill the first-hand demands of the various end-use industries. Concerning value and consumption, polyamide 6 is dominant among all the competitive polyamides available, reasoned by its optimal cost to performance factor.

Significant raw materials used in the manufacturing of caprolactam are ammonia, cyclohexane, and phenol. Owing to the presence of numerous oil refineries, the concentration of raw material is in USA and China. Caprolactam is used in various end-use industries counting with industrial yarn, textile yarn, carpet fibers staple fibers, and engineering plastics. For the manufacturing of nylon 6, 90% of manufactured caprolactam is used, which is further used in the production of industrial fibers, textile fibers, and carpets. Additionally, on account of rising demand for nylon 6 polymers in sportswear, apparels, fashion wear, and swimwear, caprolactam market is anticipated to grow in the forecast period.

By improving the manufacturing process of caprolactam, technological innovations are targeted. Growing demand for engineering films and plastics in producing several automotive parts including gears, engine covers, and bearings owing to their resistance to greases and oils is anticipated to drive the growth of the global caprolactam market.

To reduce the production of hazardous ammonium sulfate, numerous manufacturers are shifting towards caprolactam to use it as intermediate for the synthesis of chemical intermediates or chemical substances and as a monomer for the manufacturing of polymers. Caprolactam is enumerated under numerous agencies across the globe.

Global Caprolactam Market Regional Outlook

The developed economies of North America and Europe have a large number of prominent caprolactam companies with high investment capability and significant demand for caprolactam equipment. Demand for caprolactam is much lower in Latin America, which are rapidly emerging areas for the chemical industry. Therefore, North America & Europe are expected to account for a large market size for caprolactam while Latin America and Asia Pacific region are projected to witness sluggish growth. As China and Japan are highly capable of manufacturing caprolactam at an economical cost, the manufacturing industry of caprolactam in these countries is making an effort to boost the caprolactam market in the Asia Pacific region. Both in terms of value and volume, The Asia-Pacific is the largest region, followed by North America and Europe. China, Brazil, Japan, U.S., Germany, India, and Russia are expected to continue a profitable growth in the overall caprolactam market.

Global Caprolactam Market Key Players

The key players in the global caprolactam market are Royal DSM N.V. (The Netherlands), Kuibyshevazot Ojsc, BASF SE (Germany), UBE Industries (Japan), China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Limited), Shandong Haili Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., SINOPEC (China), Honeywell International (U.S.), Lanxess Ag, Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited, and other players. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, BASF SE, KuibyshevAzot OJSC Honeywell International Inc., and DSM dominated the global caprolactam market share in 2017.

Companies including DSM and BASF SE are incorporated across plentiful stages of the value chain. DSM and BASF SE are engaged in raw material production, which are disbursed for manufacturing caprolactam. Amalgamation across numerous stages of the value chain results in continuous raw material supply including cyclohexane and ammonia.

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