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PMR for Channels

Deciding upon a channel is as cumbersome as it is expensive and companies need to be mindful of the customers’ requirements and their own expertise and resources before choosing the most effective channel.

The choice of channel, be it distribution, marketing, sales, or communication, is not an easy one and companies need to take into consideration several manufacturing, marketing, competitive, and product factors in order to make a number of strategy decisions, including degree of channel integration, selection of the most effective and feasible channel, and level of intensity. It is equally important to regularly evaluate the performance level of the channels and make necessary alterations to continue meeting the company’s targets.

Persistence Market Research’s analytical offerings, sharp business insights, and personalized guidance help clients make faster and smarter decisions.

Surveying Marketing Avenues

The traditional methods of marketing, selling, and distributing products, services, and brands have been very straightforward. The business landscape has, however, changed drastically over the years and owing to the increased penetration of the Internet, it has become extremely important to maintain a strong online presence as well.

Persistence Market Research is the ideal guide to identifying and prioritizing optimal channels for companies. With a focus on thorough preliminary research and detailed assessment, our consultants can help clients zero in on the best channels while making optimum use of precious capital resources.

Expanding Customer Base

Expanding customer base is not an event but a process and every business needs to carefully analyze customer profitability and maximize the lifetime value of a customer. By expanding the roster of paying customers, companies can cover a larger geographic footprint, reach in to new segments, and invest in businesses that otherwise seemed unattainable. The use of social media can help companies build a new virtual audience in a cost-effective manner and turning the virtual audience into a real audience can boost businesses.

Persistence Market Research offers clients relevant and viable suggestions to help expand the customer base by not just attracting potential customers but also retaining the existing ones.

 Consistent Branding

For most companies, the brand is everything, whether they make it a priority or not. A good brand cannot be built in a day but requires strategy, thought, and consistent implementation. Consistency in branding conveys a specific outlook and attitude to the target and potential audience, helps companies manage perceptions, protects their investments, eliminates confusion and brand issues, and helps organizations build upon past successes.

Consistent branding lends companies a high degree of purpose and stability. We at Persistent Market Research are focused on helping companies establish and maintain consistent branding and deliver a very specific set of impressions.

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