Redispersible Latex Powder Market

Redispersible Latex Powder Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Redispersible Latex Powder Market Segmented By type such as vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) copolymers, vinyl acetate/vinyl ester of versatic acid (VAE-VeoVa) copolymers, styrene butadiene, and acrylic powder with application such as cement plasters, self-leveling underlayments, and gypsum setting compounds, repair mortars, and ceramic tile adhesives

Global Redispersible Latex Powder Market: Overview

Redispersible latex powder are organic polymer powder obtained through the spray drying of aqueous emulsions.  Dispersion powder help improve the properties and performance of cement or dry mix powder. Redispersible latex powder combine the benefit of liquid latex modifiers with the convenience, reliability, and handling or storing advantage of one component dry mix system.

The high performance redispersible latex are used in wide range of application as blender and additives to influence workability, strength development and many other application specific properties. Redispersible latex offers variety of features such as improved workability, improved open time, and abrasion resistance. Multipurpose application of redispersible latex powder is expected to expand significant during the forecast period. Redispersible latex powder are polymer emulsions that are converted by spray drying to free flowing powder.

These powder redisperse back into liquid emulsions with essentially identical properties to the original emulsions when blended with water. The demand for redispersible latex powder is increasing due to its benefits in construction industry because of its application as strong strength development of the mortar, better water retention and workability, higher flexural strength and flexibility and strong impact. 

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Global Redispersible Latex Powder Market: Dynamics

Redispersible latex powder is a free flowing, white powder obtained drying of aqueous vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer dispersion. It is usually in diverse construction chemical application such as external thermal insulation composite system. Redispersible latex powder is an important additive in cement based or gypsum based dry powder. The demand is booting the growth of redispersible latex powders owing to its properties such as medium hard, improved water resistance, highly recommended for cement based plasters.

The global demand for redispersible latex powders is expected to create significant CAGR during the forecast period. The chemical industry is trying to form a regulation that will set the standard for a chemical that is used in each and every product. The rising demand for cement-based plasters has led to a significant surge in the valuation of global redispersible latex powders market in the near future. Going further, the advent of combine the performance benefits of redispersible latex powders is likely to create opportunities for the market growth in coming years.

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Global Redispersible Latex Powder Market: Segmentation

The global redispersible latex powder can be segmented on the basis of type, application and region. On the basis of type redispersible latex powders can be segmented to vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) copolymers, vinyl acetate/vinyl ester of versatic acid (VAE-VeoVa) copolymers, styrene butadiene, and acrylic powder.

On the basis application redispersible latex powders can be segmented to cement plasters, self-leveling underlayments, and gypsum setting compounds, repair mortars, and ceramic tile adhesives.  Among application ceramic tile adhesives is expected dominate the overall redispersible latex powder worldwide.

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Global Redispersible Latex Powder Market: Regional Overview

The redispersible latex powder is segmented into five region North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Europe and North America market emerge dominate for redispersible latex powder owing increasing application of redispeesible latex powder such as external thermal insulation, composite systems, construction and tile adhesive.

Asia Pacific have significant high market share of redispersible latex powders market due to increase in urbanization and modernization therefore consumption of redispersible latex power is rapidly increasing in this region. The increasing demand of innovative material is driving the market of redispersible latex powders market worldwide. The counties such as china and India are emerging market for the redispersible latex powders due to increasing manufacturing and construction business in this region.

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Global Redispersible Latex Powder Market: Key Players

Few market players of redispersible latex powder are Akzo Nobel, Wacker Chemie AG, Wacker Polymers, Hexion, BASF SE, Construction Chemicals Div., Acquos, The Dow Chemical Company, Yil-Long Chemical Group Ltd, Dairen Chemical Corporation, Dinova Pvt. Ltd, BCD Rohstoffe für Bauchemie HandelsGmbH, Synthomer Ltd, Nippon Gohsei, Bosson Chemical, F.A.R. Fabbrica Adesivi Resine S.p.A, Synthomer Ltd.


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