Global Market Study on Quantum Sensors: Defense Industry Vertical Segment to Increase at a Relatively Higher CAGR During the Forecast Period

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Development of ultracold atom based sensors and focus on development of precision based technologies are trending the global quantum sensors market


The field of quantum gases or ultracold atoms is the fastest expanding field in physics and has wide scale implications in the field of quantum sensors. Quantum sensors including gravimeters and atomic clocks are developed by using atoms cooled at temperatures near to absolute zero. Muquans, which is a company manufacturing commercial gravimeters and atomic clocks, uses cold atoms to achieve higher accuracy levels than classical sensors.

North America

Demand for precision measurement is increasing in industries and research institutes due to the development of new technologies. Universities across the U.S. are working towards enhancing accuracy of their sensors to facilitate advanced usages in the field of astronomy, GPS, communications, and other usages. For instance, in November 2016, researchers from National Institute of Standards and Technology, in U.S. launched a new system using two atomic clock to measure timing precisely by eliminating noise between the atoms of the element cesium – 133. In another example, CALTECH, which is a university in California, U.S. has built the world’s largest interferometer, which can measure changes in arm-length thousands of times smaller than a proton.


Technologies based on quantum physics have a potential to bring accuracy enhancements across applications in different industries. Asia Pacific has been a forerunner in adopting technologies such as quantum communication and quantum cryptography. For example in June 2017, scientists in China successfully conducted an experiment to test the properties of quantum entanglement at distance using a satellite. While last year in November China launched a 712 KM quantum communications line, which featured high security, making the line impossible to wiretap or intercept.


Economies such as UAE and Qatar are using modern techniques and technologies in building construction. These economies have readily adopted technologies such as 3D printing and smart buildings. Quantum sensors for applications in construction thus has a huge potential for adoption in Middle East. Recent instance is Dubai government has launched “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy” under, which it aims to use 3D printed elements in 25% of buildings by 2030.

Latin America

Theoretical research being conducted in the field of quantum physics is gradually being translated into commercially marketable technologies that can solve real problems and bring efficiency into applications using classical sensors. The Latin America Optics & Photonics Conference held in 2014 was sponsored by Optics Society in Latin America and promoted the development of marketable technologies such as quantum imaging and quantum physics.

Defense segment is expected to be the most attractive industry vertical segment during the forecast period

In 2016, defense segment was valued more than US$ 60 Mn and is expected to witness steady growth in terms of revenue throughout the forecast period. Oil & Gas segment is also expected to register steady increase in Y-o-Y growth rates throughout the forecast period. In terms of value, this segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.7% during the forecast period.

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Global Quantum Sensors Market Structure

Companies such as Microsemi Corp. and Oscilloquartz S.A. is expected to grab more than 30% market share. Tier-2 companies, for example, Muquans SAS, AOSense, Inc., and M Squared Lasers Ltd. are likely to capture little more than 25% market share, while privately held companies such as Cryogenic Limited, Supracon AG, and GWR Instruments, Inc. are likely to grab more than 40% share of the global quantum sensors market.

This new report from Persistence Market Research titled, “Quantum Sensors Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2016–2025),” segments the global quantum sensors market on the basis of type, industry verticals, and region. Our expert team of analysts have covered the various market forecast factors such as the overview of quantum sensor enabled products, growth rate of sensor technology across various regions and growth rate of quantum sensing technology across various industry verticals in this comprehensive report. We have collected the data and inputs from the government database. While validating the data our analysts have tracked the country wise cost of all the types of sensors and have also estimated the market value of these various types of products across the countries.

Global Quantum Sensors Market: Impact Analysis

  • Increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology
  • Growing industrial automation and changing manufacturing landscape
  • Rising number of sensors per vehicle
  • Increasing focus on touch screen applications
  • Long Regulatory Approval Processes
  • Counterfeit semiconductor components

Report Description

The report starts with a market overview and provides market definition and synopsis. An important section gives extensive information on market dynamics including drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges in the global quantum sensors market. The macro-economic factors that influence the global quantum sensors market are also discussed in the report. Another section of the report provides detailed market share analysis, Y-o-Y growth and market attractiveness analysis for the different market segments. It provides a market outlook for 2016–2025 and sets the forecast within the context of the global quantum sensors market, including the overall spending made towards the installation of new systems or expansion/upgrading of existing systems in the assessed regions. The sections focusing on market segments represent the market on the basis of the various segments along with the shares from major countries in the respective regions. The report also covers the aftermarket opportunities across the different assessed regions. A competitive landscape has been included to offer the clients with a dashboard view of key market players. Detailed profiles of manufacturers are also encompassed within the scope of the report to evaluate their key offerings, long- and short-term strategies and recent progress in the global quantum sensors market.

Global Quantum Sensors Market: Taxonomy

By Type

  • Atomic Clock
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Magnetic Sensor
  • Rotation Sensors
  • Imaging Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors

By Industry Vertical

  • Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Agriculture
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Research Methodology

In–depth secondary research is used to determine top industry players, products, applications, overall market size, industry connotations, distributors and software developers. In order to conduct industry expert’s interviews, Persistence Market Research has formulated a detailed discussion guide. List of industry players (manufacturers), distributors, retailers, and industry specialists has been developed. The interviews were conducted with industry experts, industry players, distributors, and retailers for data collection and verification. Macro–economic indicators such as GDP, wholesale & retail trade, merchandise trade, and prices have been considered to arrive at the indicated market numbers. Economic fluctuations has been considered while forecasting market numbers. Top–down approach has been used to assess market numbers for each product category, while bottom–up approach has been used to counter–validate the reached numbers and end–use application–wise market numbers.

Companies covered in Quantum Sensors Market Report

Company Profiles

  • Muquans SAS
  • Microsemi Corp.
  • AOSense, Inc
  • GWR Instruments Inc
  • Oscilloquartz S.A.
  • MSquared Lasers Ltd
  • Cryogenic Limited
  • Supracon AG
  • Others
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