Drones and Robotics

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Drones and Robotics

The idea of Amazon delivering products using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones is not as far-fetched as it would have seemed just a few years ago. With Prime Air, the e-commerce giant promises to provide rapid parcel delivery in the near future, taking advantage of automation technology and the highlyadvanced sense-and-avoid technology. Fitted with an altitude sensor and GPS, drones can be used for several military and civilian applications, including search and rescue operations, delivering medical supplies to inaccessible areas, filmmaking, and weather and traffic monitoring.

Robots, too, have immense potential in the manufacturing sector, as patient simulators and for surgical procedures, in the foodtech field, or even performing routine tasks around the house. Critics, however, focus on drones and robots being potential "job-killers" owing to the fact that both these technologies are likely to radically alter the very structure of the daily life of a human.

The future opportunities and probable risks associated with drones and robots have been explored by Persistence Market Research's team of dedicated and analytical experts, delivering to clients verifiableand competitive insights.

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