Nose Mask Market

Nose Mask Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Nose Mask Market Segmented By various types of allergies, bacteria, dust, chemicals and other airborne diseases

Global Nose Mask Market: Overview

Nose masks are generally used as protection from various types of allergies, bacteria, dust, chemicals and other airborne diseases. They are also worn by health care specialists during surgeries and some other medical procedures. While nose masks are lighter and cheaper and they may not provide as much protection as is expected, nose masks are still a comfortable alternative to respirators.

Nose masks such as nasal pillows, which is small in size and is a medium nasal mask are also commonly used. Nasal pillows have a single strap around the head and are made of small cushions. This type of nasal mask is triangular in shape and does not cover the mouth. During the bird flu epidemic in 2007, in the countries like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Toronto, surgical nose masks were widely used by the general public as well to ensure adequate protection.

Apart from environmental reasons, nose masks also serve the purpose of hiding the scars on the mouth and near the nasal area. Pop star Michael Jackson frequently used to wear a surgical nose mask to hide his identity when he was out in the public. Nose masks are typically made of cotton or gauze; however, general purpose nose masks are not used during surgeries as they do not facilitate adequate filtration of microbes.

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Global Nose Mask Market: Key Market Drivers

Increasing levels of air pollution across the globe is a major driving factor for the growth of the global nose mask market. Densely populated countries such as China and India are facing the menace of air pollution. Also, a large part of the global population is suffering from various respiratory diseases caused due to air pollution.

This is an important factor likely to impact the development of the global nose mask market. Rising incidents of H1N1 deaths, periodic occurrences of bird flu and SARS and increasing incidents of other contagious diseases are likely to boost the global demand for nose masks and hence create a positive impact on the global nose mask market.

Further, rise in the number of surgical procedures is also expected to fuel the growth of the global respirator and surgical nose mask market. Similarly, increasing hygiene concerns among people worldwide is also propelling the growth of the global nose mask market.

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Global Nose Mask Market: Restraints Challenging Market Growth

The material used to make nose masks is highly absorptive; however, it does not allow the free flow of oxygen from the atmosphere, thereby making the user breathless. This factor is likely to hamper the increased adoption of nose masks and subsequently the growth of the global nose mask market. Nose masks are usually a one-size-fits-all product.

They do not fit right for unusual facial shapes and hence may not be of use to certain people who feel uncomfortable wearing a mask that doesn’t completely cover their nose. This can also hinder the development of the global nose mask market. Also, nose masks cannot filter all particulates in the air and are ineffective in fighting against hazardous vapors. This factor is also likely to create a negative impact on the global nose mask market.

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Global Nose Mask Market: Key Regions

APAC, Europe, and North America are likely to witness increased adoption of nose masks owing to the high levels of air pollution, especially in countries of the APAC region such as China and India. Rapid industrialization and infrastructural development across the APAC have contributed to a surge in air pollution, thereby leading to growing instances of respiratory and air-borne diseases. This has led to an increasing use of nose masks by the general public for protection.

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Companies Operating in the Global Nose Mask Market

DoctorLi, Biore, Uno, Kose, Watsons, FaceShop, SkinFood, Mentholatum, Rolanjona, and Innisfree are some of the companies in the global nose mask market.

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