Boundary Scan Hardware Market

Global Market Study on Boundary Scan Hardware: Demand Majorly Underpinned by Flourishing Prospects of Smart Electronic Devices


Boundary scan testing is an extension of scan path testing that was developed for digital logic. The advantage of boundary scan hardware is the overall reduction in the number of input-output pins of the chip. Boundary scan is also known as JTAG (Joint Test Action Group), which is used to test cluster of logics, memory, and interconnections, while selectively overriding the functionality of each block of the logic circuit.

In January 2017, ASSET InterTech collaborated with Circuit Check, Inc., a provider of testing, automation, and interfacing solutions for electronics and electro-mechanical devices. This collaboration is aimed at integrating ASSET’s Scan Works boundary scan hardware tools with CCI’s functional test systems. This helps in maximizing equipment re-use and costs of each new test.

Increasing complexities in multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), input-output buses, chip to chip interconnects, and integrated ICs are creating the need for embedded instrumentation technologies. High demand for embedded instrumentation in smart electronic devices is increasing the growth of the boundary scan hardware market.

boundary scan hardware market share by region

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  • JTAG Technologies
  • GOEPEL electronic
  • ASSET InterTech
  • Acculogic Inc
  • Flynn Systems Corporation
  • XJTAG Limited
  • CORELIS (EWA Technologies)
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Teradyne, Inc


Cost Reducing and Quality Improving Capabilities of Boundary Scan Hardware

Boundary scan hardware is a broadly studied test methodology that is speeding developments, reducing costs, and improving product quality of electronic companies around the world. The fast-moving electronic goods industry has a long history of generating profit margins by enhancing growth. Boundary scan hardware is essential for reducing production and development costs of products.

Testing and measuring equipment manufacturers are constantly focusing on advanced features such as measure voltage, analyze sub-blocks, and integrated circuit board in electronic devices and developing new solutions to cope up with technological changes in the semiconductor electronics industry. In order to deal with such problems, the boundary scan hardware market is growing at considerable rate.

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High Demand for Advanced Testing Tools

Boundary scan hardware offers specialized support in many ways. It is used to control problems such as fine pitch and device complexity components such as smaller PCB traces, system-in-package, surface-mount technology, multi-chip modules, and increased IC counts. The boundary scan hardware has also found its space in the market with demand for advanced measurement and testing tools.

Development of measuring and testing tools technology to cope up with constraints of traditional systems is one of the significant factors boosting the growth of the boundary scan hardware market. Due to increasing complexity and technology convergence, various companies are manufacturing and developing advanced and new boundary scan hardware solutions including Agilent 3070, IEEE standard 1149.6, 1149.1, and others.

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Development of Small Electronic Devices with High Functionality

Some companies that offer software debugging solutions use boundary scan hardware in CPUs. Boundary scan hardware have the capability to manage most of the low-level debugging tasks demanded from a typical software debugger.

The boundary scan hardware logic helps in assessing lifecycle of IC products, including a producing test at all package levels, system verification, and silicon debugs. The usage of boundary-scan provides better returns in production tests with the help of automatic test program generation and fault diagnostics.

Companies are continuously focusing on expanding the production of small electronic devices with higher functionality, and due to this, the demand for new and advanced testing and measuring equipment is steadily increasing. The boundary scan hardware increases the possibility of test time reduction, particularly in the diagnostic area.

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APEJ to Display Growth Potential for Boundary Scan Hardware Market

The Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) market is anticipated to witness impressive growth rate in the boundary scan hardware market during the forecast period. This rapid growth can be attributed due to the increase in the number of dense circuit boards in the automotive and consumer electronics market.

Various industries in Latin America, such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, and telecommunication, are adopting boundary scan hardware to offer smaller electronic devices with higher functionality. Increasing need for printed circuit boards and programming of devices are primary factors boosting the demand for boundary scan hardware.

Analyst’s Viewpoint

A comprehensive view of the boundary scan hardware market has led our analysts to conclude that, boundary-scan hardware offers the capability of efficiently testing components on PCBs with tight lead spacing. Asia Pacific is expected to hold a large part of the boundary scan hardware market during the forecast period, owing to advancements and innovations of electronic devices in the region.

The demand for boundary scan hardware tools and components is increasing continuously to deal with problems including the presence of bugs. Among components, the controllers segment is expected to grow rapidly in the boundary scan hardware market due to easy LAN and USB connections. New product innovations and strong financial position of key market players are expected to give momentum to the boundary scan hardware market.

Boundary Scan Hardware Market: Segmentation

PMR’s research study on the global boundary scan hardware market offers a detailed market segmentation, wherein key segments have been discussed in detail. The segmentation of the boundary scan hardware market has been offered on the basis of component, industry, and region. Every segment has been analyzed in detail, and data pertaining to the growth of each segment has been included in the study.

  • Controllers
  • TAP Pods
  • I/O Modules
  • Accessories
  • Other Instruments
  • Medical
  • IT & Telecom
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Others
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan
  • Japan
  • GCC Countries
  • Middle East & Africa

Boundary Scan Hardware Market: Key Questions Answered

The research study on the boundary scan hardware market offers inclusive insights about the growth of the market in the most comprehensible manner for better understanding of users. Key insights offered in the report answer some of the most salient questions that assist stakeholders in gauging all emerging possibilities.

  • How does rapidly changing business environment turn into a major growth engine for the boundary scan hardware market?
  • How ensuring compliance with industry regulations is boosting the boundary scan hardware market growth?
  • What are key trends constantly shaping the growth of the boundary scan hardware market?
  • Which are prominent regions offering plentiful opportunities for the boundary scan hardware market?
  • What are differential strategies adopted by key players to command a significant chunk of the global market share?

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