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DIY Trend Compelling U.S. Beauty Devices Manufacturer to Introduce Innovative Personal Care Solutions in Market

Posted on - Apr 20, 2015

The global beauty devices industry is led by North America, wherein the U.S. is the largest beauty devices market. The increase in the disposable income has enabled consumers to spend more on personal-care in the region. The U.S. beauty devices industry is witnessing a surge, thanks to the rise in the awareness about the potential application of beauty devices for the treatment of problems pertaining to hair and skin. People in the U.S. are fascinated towards looking young and glamorous. This is especially true in case of the geriatric population that has also emerged as the biggest consumer of beauty devices in the region.

South Africa UHT Milk Market to Exhibit 11.2% CAGR from 2013 to 2019

Posted on - Apr 20, 2015

Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) is a widely used technique for milk production by heating it to more than 135°C, which is required to kill the spores present in milk. UHT milk, if kept concealed, has a shelf life of about six to nine months and bears the same nutritional qualities as pasteurized milk. The long shelf-life of UHT milk has encouraged users to buy it as a nonperishable grocery. South Africa is witnessing rapid urbanization in past few years, which is indirectly fueling the demand for UHT milk market across the nation, by encouraging bulk purchase of groceries, including UHT milk.

High Net-Worth Individuals to Propel Market for Technologically Advanced Luggage

Posted on - Apr 20, 2015

Luggage comprises the segments of casual bags, business bags, and travel purpose bags. The global luggage market includes several types of luggage that fulfill particular requirements, such as duffel bags, suitcases, spinner bags, messenger bags, expandable bags, and carry-on bags. Growing urbanization is a major factor driving the markets for various lifestyle products. Luggage is an indispensable category of lifestyle products, especially in developed countries, and is accordingly being helped massively by the growing demand for lifestyle products. 

Rising Geriatric Population and Increasing Surgical Procedures to Drive the Surgical Lamps Market Worldwide

Posted on - Apr 13, 2015

Surgical Lamps are medical devices that provide optimal illumination for surgical procedures such as neurosurgery, endoscopic surgery, dental surgery, and optical procedures. These devices are used for optimal brightness and high intensity shadow-free illumination of small sized and low-contrast substances in the cavity of the body during surgical procedures. Surgical lamps have application in operation theatres of hospitals and mobile surgery centers. The surgical lamps market is experiencing growth worldwide due to technological advancements, innovations, and increasing surgery centers in number.

Increasing Urbanization in Asia Pacific Driving Demand from Ozone Technology Market

Posted on - Apr 13, 2015

Ozone is an unusual and unstable allotrope of oxygen, naturally occurring in the trioxygen (O3) state rather than the more stable and more common dioxygen (O2) state. Due to these highly beneficial operations, the global ozone technology market is expected to grow at a robust 8.1% CAGR from 2014 to 2020, growing from its 2013 valuation of US$715.4 million to be worth US$1,242 million in 2020. In line with its complicated significance to human life, however, this very same extreme capacity for oxidation makes it a highly valuable industrial chemical as an oxidizing agent.

High Prevalence of Chronic Diseases to Propel the Global Hospital Beds Market

Posted on - Apr 13, 2015

Hospital beds are referred as medical equipments that are used by patients during stay at hospitals, nursing homes, and even homes. Hospital beds have characteristic features such as wheels that enable easy transfer and also side rails that prevent chances of fatal accidents. In addition, hospital beds have other features such as adjustable height for side rails and the bed, electronic buttons, and interconnected electronic devices that make the equipment extremely convenient for caregivers and patients. Globally, the hospital beds market was valued at US$5254.2 million in 2014 and is expected to be valued at US$6731.8 million by 2020 expanding at a CAGR of 4.2% in the period.

Rising Consumer Spending and Food Preferences to Drive the Food Retail Market Substantially

Posted on - Apr 13, 2015

Food retail is a relatively new sector of the food industry that is progressing dynamically. It contributes to several peripheral industries such as food packaging, retail, transportation and others. The growing global population, changing consumer choices, and developing economies are paving way for the food retail sector to thrive. Additionally, increasing consumer spending on food, growing preference for private labeled food brands, and rising supermarket culture are driving the food retail market. The private label food brands are anticipated to have high impact on the food retail market in the short term and have medium impact in the long run.

Cranio Maxillofacial Implants Market Triggered by High Rate of Car Accidents

Posted on - Apr 13, 2015

Cranio Maxillofacial (CMF) surgery refers to a highly specialized procedure in orthopedic surgery that focuses on treating facial injuries or skull disorders. Injuries affecting the face, mouth, neck, or jaw not only trigger anxiety in patients, but also affect their appearance, thereby leading to mental trauma. This has increased the number of cranio maxillofacial surgeries being performed globally, which is significantly projected in the rising demand for more effective and better cranio maxillofacial implants Market.

Celiac Drugs Market: Absence of Definitive Treatment Indicates White Space that Could be Lucratively Harnessed by Companies

Posted on - Apr 02, 2015 Celiac drugs are administered for treating the celiac disease, which is a genetic autoimmune disorder that hampers the body’s ability to break down and digest gluten. Celiac disease is also referred to as gluten-sensitive enteropathy and celiac sprue, and primarily damages the lining of the small intestine of a person suffering from this disorder. The celiac drugs market is thus dedicated to addressing the many undesirable symptoms of the celiac disease, such as stunted growth, dermatitis herpetiformis, weight loss, abdominal pain, musculoskeletal problems, and iron deficiency, among others.

Global Wireless Medical Technologies Industry: Asia to Exhibit Highest Growth Rate

Posted on - Apr 02, 2015

The application of wireless medical technologies assist wireless devices in communicating with medical and healthcare service providers and receivers, which are linked with landline networks, cellular systems, and broadband services to access the internet. The progression of medical and healthcare industry from the conventional paper-record keeping to electronic records has raised the need of wireless medical technologies market in this industry. In addition to this, they create a protected workplace for these professionals to perform their healthcare practices efficiently and in more relaxed environment for the patient.