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Fatty Acids Supplements Market: a Global Scenario

Posted on - Dec 22, 2014

Fatty acids supplements are biochemical substances, which include elongated aliphatic chain and can be found either saturated or unsaturated. Rising health awareness and therapeutic advantages of fatty acids are the key growth drivers for the global fatty acids supplements market. Sunflower oil, olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil, beef fat pig fat, and butter are some of the key sources of naturally developing fatty acids. The fatty acids products are utilized in a several kinds of markets. Structurally, fatty acids contain two reactive sites; the minor one is the double bond alongside strait alkyl chain, while the major one is carboxylic acid group at the beginning of the chain.

Emergence and Growth of the Treatment for Syndromes of Dementia and Movement Disorders Market

Posted on - Dec 22, 2014

Dementia refers to a state wherein there is a severe decline in mental abilities – whether memory, perception, communication, or reasoning – which interferes with a person’s ability to perform daily activities. The treatment for syndromes of dementia and movement disorders market has received a tremendous boost over the years owing to various demographic and technological factors.The rise in global geriatric population has led to a subsequent increase in the prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders, thereby fueling the treatment for syndromes of dementia and movement disorders market.

Cell and Tissue Culture Supplies: A Brief History, Applications and Global Overview

Posted on - Dec 16, 2014

The global market of cell and tissue culture supplies has a century-long history. Cell and tissue cultures were first used in 1907 to find answers to some of the most basic questions of developmental biology. The series of experiments in 1907 involved the use of cultured frog embryo tissues in an attempt to observe living developing tissues outside the body of a living creature. Further demonstrations that the complex extracts of tissues clots and so forth used previously to grow cultures could also be replaced by a subjective mixture of vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, salts, co-factors and small amounts of serum protein opened a completely new area of cell and tissue culture supplies market

Global Seasonings and Spices Market Grows with Changing Food Habits

Posted on - Dec 09, 2014

Spices have played an integral role in every civilization through the ages. Even today, the global market for seasonings and spices holds an important position in the world economy, much impacted by the cultures. The global seasonings and spices market has been driven, since time immemorial, due to cultures that existed, evolved, and adapted with times. Though the market is termed and studied as that of spices and seasonings, there is a fine distinction between the two. Spices are made up of dried seeds, fruits, vegetables, roots, barks, and are substances that essentially used for preserving and flavoring food.

Medical Advances Contribute to Growth of Global Biological Drugs Market

Posted on - Dec 09, 2014

The global biological drugs market has seen a stupendous leap in the past few years with huge investment in research and development. Biological drugs are manufactured by extracting cells from other living organisms such as animals and plants. These drugs differ from conventional drugs in many complex ways. Most of the biological drugs are large and are made using complex molecules or mixtures of certain molecules. Many a time, recombinant DNA technology is also used to make these drugs. Each biological drug is a process in itself as the finished drug cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Market: An Overview

Posted on - Nov 27, 2014

The largest UCB banking market is located in North America, especially due to the U.S. and Canada. They are followed by Europe which shows a fast growing demand primarily due to increased awareness about the potential applications of cord blood in nearly fatal diseases. The growing population presents a unique proposition of increased UCB through more live births. From research performed by Eurostat: 807,271 live births were registered in 2010 in the U.K. The number increased to 812,970 by 2013.

Aging Population Proves to be the Key Growth Driver for Global Mineral Supplement Market

Posted on - Nov 27, 2014

To understand the need for mineral supplements, it is imperative to comprehend their role as a dietary supplement from the medical point of view. Mineral supplements are essentially dietary supplements that provide the nutritional value addition to the body, which it otherwise misses due to various reasons. Assisted intake of mineral supplements helps in preventing several chronic diseases over a period of time. The increasing awareness of preventive healthcare is the primary base is driving the need for mineral supplements across the globe. The global mineral supplement market packages these elements in forms of capsules, pills, powder, granules, tablets, gel caps, and liquid. 

Cranio Maxillofacial Implants Market to Witnesses Highest Growth in Asia

Posted on - Nov 26, 2014

The global cranio maxillofacial implants market has been divided into smaller segments for the purpose of detailed understanding. This market has been segmented on the basis of location, composition, nature, product type, and geography. The location segment has been determined on the basis of use of the cranio maxillofacial implant which is as an internal fixator or an external fixator. Depending on the composition of the cranio maxillofacial implants the market is inclusive of calcium ceramics, metals and alloys, polymers, and biological materials. In terms of nature, the segments of the cranio maxillofacial implants market include non-resorabable fixators and bioabsorbable fixators.

Depleting Oil Resources to Drive Global Bioplastics Market in the Coming Years

Posted on - Nov 26, 2014

Bioplastics are a form of plastics made by using renewable biomass sources such as microbiota, pea starch, corn starch, vegetable fat and oils. Bioplastics manufacturing industry also makes use of recycled plastics from bottles and other such containers using microorganisms. The global bioplastics packaging market, which includes packaging for food and beverages, has sure gained momentum in the recent years. Bioplastics packaging for food and beverages has made a mark for itself as there is a growing demand for food safety amongst consumers.

Asia Pacific Region to Dominate Global Biosensor Market by 2020

Posted on - Nov 25, 2014

Since the first experiment of biosensors by Leland C. Clark, the global biosensor market has witnessed a steady rise. The term biosensor, which refers to a device, consists of two words, “bio” and “sensor”.  The term has been coined in such a manner, as it performs the task of sending analytical information using biological samples. A biosensor essentially consists of two parts which is one, a biological component which is performs the task of a sensor and two, an electronic part which first detects and then transmits the signal. The bioelement of a biosensor may include nucleic acids, proteins such as antibodies and enzymes, plant proteins and lectins, and materials such as tissue slices, organelles and microorganisms.