Vials Market

Vials Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Vials Market Segmented By types such as low adsorption vials, certified vials, screw top vials, 9mm screw top vials, snap ring vials, crimp top vials, polypropylene vials, interlocked vials, inserts, versa vials, shell vials, center drain vials and headspace vials.

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Market Overview

A vial also known as a phial or a flacon is a small plastic or a glass bottle or vessel. Vials are primarily used to store medication such as powders, liquids or capsules. In the past vials were made of glass however as of today, vials are made of various plastic materials including polypropylene.

Varieties of closed systems are used during the manufacture of vials including screw vials and crimp vials. In addition, plastic vials can have various other types of closure systems including flip-tops or snap caps. A vial can be either bottle shaped or can have a bottle-like shape with a neck.

The volume that is defined by the neck of the vial is called as the headspace. However, the bottom of the vial is usually flat, unlike that of test tubes, which is circular or rounded. The small vials, which are bottle shaped, are typically used in chemical laboratories and are known as McCartney’s bottles or bijou.

The bijou bottles are usually smaller, and have holding capacities of around 10mm.  Various laboratories use different types of vials depending on their need such as low adsorption vials, certified vials, screw top vials, 9mm screw top vials, snap ring vials, crimp top vials, polypropylene vials, interlocked vials, inserts, versa vials, shell vials, center drain vials and headspace vials.

Vials are primarily used as scientific sample vessels specifically in autosampler devices employed in the analytical chromatography process. In addition, vials are used as primary or secondary packaging material in order to store various medicines in their powder, granular or liquid form. Medications of highly sensitive nature can only be store in vials in order to protect it from the external environment.

The chromatography accessory market as well as the packaging market boosts high demand for vials in the global market. The chromatography market is a technology driven market where new technologies and end-users witness continuous and rapid change. All major companies continue to invest in order to expand its research and development team with the main aim of introducing new products and technologies in the market.

The vial market was the fastest growing segment in the chromatography accessory market. The vial market is expected to continue growing even further over the next few years owing to innovations in terms of various types of materials used in the manufacturing of vials as well as designing of vials.

The demand for vials is essentially driven by the increasing demand for chromatography procedures in various industries including biotechnology, life sciences, chemicals, food and beverage, pesticides and insecticides. In addition, increasing investments made by the governments in the Asia Pacific region primarily in the biochemical industry is expected to boost the vial market during the projected period.

The key regions in the vial market include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). Major players in the North American region as well as the European region are focusing on increasing their presence in various high growth markets in the Asia pacific region.

Various companies plan to expand their base in emerging countries like India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. These markets offer a wide range of opportunities for growth and are expected to be high investment regions as well as new revenue pockets for the global market. High population, new technologies, increasing number of chemical laboratories, high investment in various research and development activities and favorable demographics are expected to be the key drivers for the global vial market.

The key players operating the vial industry include MeadWestvaco Corporation in the U.S., Amcor Ltd, in Australia, Schott AG located in Germany, Rexam PLC in U.K., Gerresheimer AG situated in Germany and West Pharmaceutical Services, which is located in the U.S...

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