Universal Motors Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Universal Motors  Market
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Universal Motors Market: Introduction

Universal motors are a type of electric motor which is series wound and can work on AC and DC both power supply. These motors are a lot relative to other DC series motors, but the only difference is that these DC series motors can produce low torque when working on AC supply as compared to DC supply of same frequency. In universal motors, rotation direction can be changed by changing the field connections with respect to the armature, like DC series motors.

Universal motors work similar to that of DC series motors, the difference is that these motors are designed for working on AC power supply also. They are capable of working at both power supply, AC, and DC. The armature winding and field winding are connected in series connection, where both the windings get energized when some voltage is applied to the input of motor. The magnetic field is generated by field winding and an armature winding, which makes the armature rotation. Nowadays, modest universal motors are not having replacement and remuneration windings, and they contain two salient poles with excitation winding in it. Also, the response of magnetic fields which cause movement is generated by AC or DC power supply.

Universal motors can run at high speed as they are having high starting torque. Also, they are easy to control as compared to other motors, use tapped coil electromechanically or electrically. However, due to the commutator connected, they are relatively very noisy in both aspect, electromagnetically and acoustically. On the other hand, universal motors are compact in size and lightweight, therefore they are majorly used in portable power tools, equipment and household appliances, such as drill machine, hair dryers, table fans, etc. Also, they can be used for other various purposes where high speed and speed control is required. Universal motors are available in less than 1000 Watts, but the horsepower rating of these motors is comparatively low than other types of motors at the same required frequency.

Universal Motors Market: Market Dynamics

Some factors such as simple design low cost, high speed, high power, high torque, etc. are acting as the drivers of the universal motors market. Also, some advantages such as the variable speed with the help of adjustable governor, line voltage or modern pulse techniques can also be considered as the drivers of the market. Furthermore, urbanization and industrialization in various emerging countries are forming the overwhelming demand for electricity, which in turn drive the market of universal motors.

Periodic maintenance, short product life due to the commutator of the motor, cause the hindrance to the market growth of the demand of universal motors. Additionally, some features of the universal motors such as high noise obtained at high speed, high vibration, high prices of raw material for the making of a core, are restraining the market, over the forecasted period. On the other hand, increasing importance on the incorporation of renewable energy sources so as to produce electricity is a trend of the market of universal motors.

Universal Motors Market: Segmentation

  • Market segmentation of the Universal Motors market on the basis of its Product type:
    • Compensated type motor
    • Non-Compensated type motor
  • Market segmentation of the Universal Motors market on the basis of End Use Industries:
    • Power Tools
      • Drilling machine
      • Blender
      • Others
  • Consumer devices/Household appliances
    • Blowers
    • Hair Dryer
    • Table Fans
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Sewing machines
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Others

Universal Motors Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific region is anticipated to capture a major market share of the market of universal motors over the forecast period. The increasing demand for electricity and consequently rising power projects for development in various countries are fuelling the market growth in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, rapid industrialization and infrastructural development in the region fuel the market of universal motors. Whereas, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa regions are estimated to grow at the similar rate of growth and will follow the similar trend. However, North America and Europe regions will rise at a very significant rate of growth attributable to the mature marketplace in the regions.

Universal Motors Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the Universal Motors market identified across the value chain are ABB, Amotic Motor Technology, Chiaphua Components Group, Domel, Dongming Electric, Groschopp, Johnson Electric, Nidec Corporation, Molon Motor and Coil Corp., Groschopp, Kienle + Spiess, Kenworth Products Ltd, etc.

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