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Off Grid Hybrid Power System Market

Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market Segmented By type of system such as Wind-diesel hybrid system, Wind-diesel-battery hybrid system, PV-diesel hybrid system, PV-diesel-battery hybrid system, Wind-PV-diesel-battery hybrid system with resource type such as Gas, Diesel, Hydro, Wind, Solar PV, Biogas, bio diesel to power, Biomass cogeneration.

Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market: Introduction

As the name suggests, the off-grid hybrid power system generally consists of two or more renewable source of energy used together to provide energy off the grid. Off grid refers to “not depending or using electricity available via main grid or generated via main infrastructure for power”.

Off-grid hybrid power system has the ability to fulfill power demands through local generation of power without relying on centralized stations of power. Mini-grids (providing electricity to multiple customers) as well as stand-alone systems (for individual users/appliances) are the off-grid systems.

Off-grid hybrid power system is also used in case of shortage of capital fund & the geographical area makes it hard to install a main-grid connection.

Normally, off-grid areas are powered by fossil fuel generation but environment matters, and sustainability in terms of capital has created the urge for alternate solutions. A hybrid system that is a combination of two or more power sources, such as renewable and diesel generated, is an attractive option.

The system harnesses the abundance of renewable sources that are freely available to generate electricity, and when combined with the diesel generator it displaces the fuel consumption. Thus, it reduces the cost and the emission related to diesel power generation. The hybrid systems can also be combined with other technologies such as battery storage to improve its effectiveness.

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Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market: Dynamics

Increased consumption of energy, rapidly increasing population of world, and depletion of natural resources have increased the sale of the off-grid hybrid power system. Particularly, it’s very much in demand in isolated communities and areas which are not likely to be electrified in the near future.

However, off-grid hybrid power system are also used by people who reside near the grid and choose to obtain independence from main power provider and demonstrate a responsibility to no-polluting energy resources.

Portable off-grid hybrid power systems is the trend and its market revenue will grow in the coming years. Solar-wind off-grid hybrid power system is another energy source having great tendency in the market growth.

Off-grid hybrid power system has high installation cost compared to other power generating sources, which is restraining the market, if made more cost-effective than the market of off-grid power system can be improved to some extent. Also, the market is moving with a sluggish speed as the demand is less because they have long life.

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Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market: Segmentation

By system type
  • Wind-diesel hybrid system
  • Wind-diesel-battery hybrid system
  • PV-diesel hybrid system
  • PV-diesel-battery hybrid system
  • Wind-PV-diesel-battery hybrid system
By resource type
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Hydro
  • Wind
  • Solar PV
  • Biogas/bio diesel to power
  • Biomass cogeneration
By application
  • Stand-alone
    • DC- DC solar lighting Kits, DC Solar Home Systems.
    • AC – AC solar home systems, single facility AC systems
  • Grids
    • AC/DC- Nano-grid, Pico-grid, micro-grid, mini-grid
    • AC- Full-grid
Market Research Methodology

Market Research Methodology

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Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific owns sizable global market of off-grid hybrid power systems and according to statistics it is expected to continue the dominance in the upcoming years as there is huge demand of micro-grid hybrid power system. The well-known contributor after Asia is Japan in the off-grid hybrid power system market.

In Middle East and Africa, the off-grid hybrid power system market is fueled especially due to huge development in the economy.

The compulsory application of the national-wide policy on backcountry electrification over regulatory agencies, national electricity industries and commissions, rural electrification capital, and rural electrification associations across South Africa has served a major driving force.

In inclusion to this, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank in Africa provide funds to various off-grid hybrid power proposals for the implementation of PV arrays in existing diesel power plants.

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Off-grid Hybrid Power System Market: Key Players

  • Belectric
  • Schneider electric
  • Siemens
  • SMA
  • Danvest
  • Electro Power system
  • Elgris Power
  • Heliocentris
  • Outback Power
  • Solgen

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