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IT and Telecommunication

Global Market Study on Mobile Ticketing: Travel Tickets Application Segment Projected to be the most Attractive Segment During the Forecast Period

Price : $4900 | Published : 05-Apr-2017

Mobile ticketing is a process through which customers can order, pay for, obtain and/or validate tickets using mobile phones or other mobile devices. Mobile ticketing is convenient as it provides new and simple ways to purchase tickets. In addition, mobile tickets reduce the production and distribution costs that are associated with traditional paper-based ticketing channels.

Global Market Study on Patient Throughput and Capacity Management: Europe Anticipated to be the Second Largest Market for Patient Throughput and Capacity Management Solutions

Price : $4900 | Published : 04-Apr-2017

In North America, the patient throughput and capacity management market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.0% over the forecast period. The market in the region is estimated to account for more than US$ 400 Mn in 2017 and is expected to be valued in excess of US$ 600 Mn by 2024. 

Global Market Study on Sustainability and Energy Management Software: Building Automation End Use Application Segment Projected to Remain Attractive and Register High Y-o-Y Growth Rates Through 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 15-Mar-2017

Sustainability and energy management software is basically a database of information that relates to the usage of energy, resources, financial data and other important factors that helps enterprises make their operations sustainable and efficient. In most cases, sustainability and energy management software solutions are used by enterprises to enhance their energy and sustainability business performance through automated data management, analysis and reporting. 

Global Market Study on Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (EGRC): Other Industries Application Segment Projected to Register Low CAGR of 3.3% Between 2016 and 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 10-Mar-2017

In this report, Persistence Market Research has focused on offering detailed insights and in-depth research on the global enterprise governance, risk and compliance (EGRC) market over a 10 year forecast period 2016 – 2026.

Global Market Study on Consumer Network Attached Storage (NAS): Residential End User Segment Anticipated to Register a High CAGR During 2016 – 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 02-Mar-2017

 These trends are analyzed thoroughly and factors underlying these trends are also identified while studying the market. 

Asia Pacific, Latin America, and EMEA Market Study on System Integration in Telecommunication: Operational Support System (OSS) Segment Projected to Register High Y-o-Y Growth Through 2024

Price : $3900 | Published : 23-Feb-2017

The report offers an eight year forecast where the yearly change in inflation rate has not been considered while forecasting market numbers.

Global Market Study on Flash-Based Array: North America Projected to Remain the Dominant Regional Market Through 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 07-Feb-2017

The main objective of the report is to identify dynamics in the market and provide recent updates and insights affecting various segments of the global flash-based array market.

Global Market Study on Integration & Orchestration Middleware: Asia Pacific to Register a CAGR of 7.6% Between 2016 and 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 04-Jan-2017

The North America region is expected to remain dominant during 2016-2024 in terms of revenue contribution in the global integration and orchestration middleware market. Leading market players are consistently launching innovative products in the market and also strengthening their market share by pitching their existing line of products due to increase in demand in North America. 

Global Market Study on Mobile Payment Transaction: Booming E-Commerce Industry Primary Factor Boosting Market Growth

Price : $4900 | Published : 28-Dec-2016

Mobile payments are payment transaction done with the help of a mobile phone. The mobile payments market is worth billions of dollars and was worth US$ 550 billion in the year 2015, and is expected to touch a value of US$ 2849 billion in the year 2020, registering a CAGR of 39.1% during the assessment period.

Global Market Study on Mobile Analytics: Application Performance Analytics Segment Anticipated to Remain Dominant in Terms of Revenue Through 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 20-Dec-2016

Today digitization is a part of the socio-economic skeleton of every society. Several mobile apps and smart IT-based solutions are governing the social and economic framework. The modern society and the millennium population is driven by several smart mobile apps. 

Global Market Study on Security-as-a-Service: IT & Telecom and BFSI Industry Segments Major Adopters of Security-as-a-Service Solutions

Price : $4900 | Published : 16-Dec-2016

The period of assessment of this report is for 10 years and this report enlightens clients on the crucial aspects of the global Security as a Service market in the coming decade. 

Global Market Study on Datacenters: Healthcare Application Segment to Register a Value CAGR of 12.6% Between 2016 and 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 02-Dec-2016

Datacenter is a centralized repository that provides physical or virtual infrastructure to manage and store data of the organization. The term ‘Datacenter’ signifies different meanings to different types of organizations. It connotes a small closet or room that contains two or more servers and a network patch panel for small organizations.

Global Market Study on Storage in Big Data: North America Projected to Remain the Dominant Market Through 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 16-Nov-2016

Persistence Market Research offers a 10-year forecast for the global storage in big data market between 2016 and 2026. The primary objective of this report is to offer insights on various advancements in the global storage in big data market. The study demonstrates key market dynamics expected to influence the current environment and future status of the global storage in big data market over the forecast period. The report offers updates on trends, drivers, restraints, value forecasts, and opportunities for manufacturers operating in the global storage in big data market.

Global Market Study on Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS): North America Likely to Remain Dominant Regional Market

Price : $4900 | Published : 01-Nov-2016

Persistence Market Research analyzes the global PACS market over a ten year period from 2016 to 2026 in a newly published report. 

Global Market Study on Mobile Applications: Games End Use Segment to Reach a Market Valuation of US$ 43.99 Bn by 2024 end

Price : $4900 | Published : 12-Oct-2016

This report by Persistence Market Research on the global mobile application market for the period 2016–2024 presents an outlook of the market across the globe.

Global Market Study on Video Communication Platform as a Service (PaaS): Private Cloud Segment to Account for 57.4% Value Share by 2016 End

Price : $4900 | Published : 04-Oct-2016

The PaaS offers all kinds of services and tools needed to embed real-time communication capabilities into web-based applications or to develop real-time communication applications, business processes, or mobile apps.

Global Market Study on IT Infrastructure Monitoring: Increasing Need for Enhanced Security and Monitoring in the Organizations to Drive the Market Over the Forecast Period

Price : $4900 | Published : 09-Jun-2016

Monitoring in terms of IT infrastructure space refers to the process of collecting regular data, regarding IT infrastructure of an organization, to provide alerts related to unplanned downtime, network intrusion, and resource saturation. 

Global Market Study on Advanced and Predictive Analytics (APA) Software: Impelled By Deployment of Big Data Repositories

Price : $4900 | Published : 03-Dec-2015

Advanced & predictive analytics is a group of analytic techniques, based on mathematical principles used to anticipate the future outcomes.

Global Market Study on Mental Health Software: Innovative and Low Cost Mental Healthcare Solutions to Drive Implementation

Price : $4900 | Published : 04-Nov-2015

Mental health software enables behavioral health professionals to choose the best treatment plan for a person suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction etc., based on clinical evidence and patient records

Global Market Study on In-Flight Wi-Fi: Asia Pacific to Witness Highest Adoption By 2021 – Driven By Increasing Demand For In-Flight Connectivity And Entertainment Services By Passenger

Price : $4900 | Published : 02-Nov-2015

Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology that provides high-speed wireless connectivity over radio waves.

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