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Food Innovation

Global Market Study on Functional Bars: Texture Deterioration during Product Shelf Life to Hinder Consumer Loyalty and Adoption Rate

Price : $4900 | Published : 30-Apr-2018

As the global food and beverages industry continues to progress, the functional bars market is expected to flourish significantly. This report is based on an in-depth examination of the global functional bars market and throws light on the different segments of the market such as by function, packaging, nature, product type, sales channel and region.

Global Market Study on Hazelnut: Increasing Demand to be Observed in the Pharmaceuticals Sector During 2018 - 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 27-Apr-2018

Persistence Market Research offer an eight year forecast for the global hazelnut market between 2018 and 2026. The primary objective of the report is to offer insights on the advancements in the hazelnut market. The study demonstrates market dynamics that are expected to influence the current environment and future status of the global hazelnut market over the forecast period. The report further offers updates on trends, drivers, restraints, value forecasts, and opportunities for manufacturers operating in the global hazelnut market.

Global Market Study on Edible Oils: Retail Sector to be the Largest End User During 2017 - 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 25-Apr-2018

The report by Persistence Market Research provides an in-depth analysis of the global edible oils market for the forecast period 2017-2024. The primary objective of this report is to provide key insights on the latest developments in edible oils market. The report also offers information on market dynamics that are likely to influence the growth of the global market on edible oils market throughout 2017-2024.

Global Market Study on Edible Insects: Consumption of Insects as a Whole to Gain Maximum Traction During 2017 - 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Apr-2018

With increased demand for animal-based food and to feed the large population, insects are being used as a source of food. Owing to the lower ecological footprint required for the production of insects. Consumption of insects also depends on human health issue and culture. Increased demand for edible insects is also resulting in the development of new technologies used to harvest insects in a more efficient way. Along with harvesting of insects, companies are also focusing on storing edible insects to keep them fresh for a long time. 

Global Market Study on Agriculture Micronutrients: Micronutrients to Find Largest Application in Soil During 2017-2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Apr-2018

The research report by Persistence Market Research on the global agriculture micronutrients market offers in-depth analysis and forecast on the global market and insights on the market on the basis of segments and regions that support decision making process and helps in planning strategies in order to remain competitive in the global market for agriculture micronutrients. The report also sheds light on the future of the market for the forecast period 2017-2024. Forecasts along with the changing market across all the major regions has been given in the report.

Global Market Study on Pecans: Increasing Demand for Pecan Nuts to be Observed in the Near Future

Price : $4900 | Published : 13-Apr-2018

Pecans are tree nuts that are witnessing a rapid increase in the consumer base across the world. This growth is driven by many factors including rising awareness among people regarding the nutritional value and affordability of pecans. The different product types of pecans available in the global market include nuts, oil and flour. The market for these products is fast gaining traction as pecans are known to be a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc etc. 

Global Market Study on Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food: Revenues to Expand at Over 10% CAGR by 2024 End; MEA to Emerge Top Market in Terms of Opportunities

Price : $4900 | Published : 10-Apr-2018

Ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) is a high energy fortified food ideal for treating severe acute malnutrition that has been experiencing significant occurrence rate across several regions of the world. 

Global Market Study on Avocado Puree: Dressings & Sauces to Witness the Fastest Growth During 2018 - 2028

Price : $4900 | Published : 06-Apr-2018

Fruit purees have been often been replaced by imitation products and low standard fruit purees, some of which have been noticed and disallowed at the global level in recent years. Consumer anxieties regarding the origin of raw fruits have been a focal point, and consumers are willing to pay much more in order to get authentic products. Some of the manufacturers have responded to consumer demands by enhancing the traceability of products, by coding the product and generating traceability to particular farms across the globe.

Global Market Study on Mineral Salt Ingredients: Significant Demand to be Witnessed in Agricultural Applications During the Assessment Period

Price : $4900 | Published : 30-Mar-2018

The comprehensive research report on global mineral salt ingredients by Persistence Market Research assists the reader in chalking key growth strategies on the basis of vital insights on every market segment at a global level thus providing the much necessary value addition to gain tempo in the changing dynamics of the global market in the current as well as future market scenario.

Global Market Study on Emulsifiers: Food & Beverage Application to Witness Significant Growth During 2017 - 2024

Price : $4900 | Published : 30-Mar-2018

Emulsifiers used in food are also known as emulgents. Among various emulsifiers, an egg is one of the oldest and most commonly used emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are finding large application in chocolate and confectionery products providing various advantages during processing and storage. The primary emulsifiers used in chocolate are PGPR and lecithin. However, new emulsifiers are also being introduced to enable oil and water to be combined in a stable state for a long period of time. 

Global Market Study on Specialty Crops: Demand to Grow in the Beverages Sector Owing to Rising Consumption of Organic Beverages

Price : $4900 | Published : 27-Mar-2018

The Internet, e-Commerce, and online stores, along with review sites are making it easy for consumers to compare specialty crops and price levels, along with the origin of the crop and details of the manufacturer or supplier. This accessibility to information and relevant details is resulting in a more transparent specialty crops market. As a result, a growing number of consumers are opting to make purchases of specialty crops through this channel, once they are satisfied with the available information. 

Global Market Study on Beverage Emulsion: North America to Increase Consumption in the Near Future with Public Health Consciousness being the Core Focus

Price : $4900 | Published : 26-Mar-2018

The food and beverage industry in North America is colossal and comprises and number of players in largely fragmented and multi-tiered supply chains. The industry is stringently regulated and players often have to adapt to a landscape that changes quite frequently. 

Global Market Study on Industrial Fat Fraction: Cutthroat Competition Between Asia Pacific and North America to be Observed Through 2025

Price : $4900 | Published : 22-Mar-2018

Increasing incidence of health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and blood pressure is prompting consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thereby, they are more inclined towards the consumption of functional foods. Furthermore, with increasing penetration of the Internet and smartphones globally, consumers are engaged in finding the origin, ingredient, processing etc. 

Global Market Study on White Chocolate: Growing Demand in Food & Beverage and Cosmetics Industry to Fuel Growth During 2017-2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 15-Mar-2018

The global chocolate industry is focusing on broadening its portfolio of product offerings that can appeal to the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers. Inclusion of organic and natural ingredients in chocolates has witnessed steady demand over the years on account of growing awareness among end-users. There has also been a marked preference for white chocolates, as these are perceived to be ‘healthier’ alternatives to conventional chocolates.

Global Market Study on Casein and Caseinate: Western Europe, Japan and MEA Regional Markets to Witness Decline in Revenue Share by 2025

Price : $4900 | Published : 13-Mar-2018

The global casein and caseinate market is anticipated to expand at a steady pace in the upcoming years. Casein is a type of protein which akin to other proteins helps build and repair tissues.

Global Market Study on Dark Chocolate: Organic Variants to Witness High Adoption During 2017 - 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 12-Mar-2018

Persistence Market Research has taken up heavy-lifting work of providing an in-depth methodical report and forecast study on dark chocolate along with global outlook. The report reveals important landscapes covering the manufacturing and use of dark chocolate and examines their impact in changing the view of global dark chocolate market.

Global Market Study on Lactase: Growing Consumption of Lactase in Pharmaceuticals to Provide Market Players with Lucrative Prospects

Price : $4900 | Published : 06-Mar-2018

The changing lifestyles across the globe have been severely affecting the food habits and health of people. The number of lactose intolerant people in several regions across the globe is also increasing. This can also be attributed to the growing geriatric population across the globe. For instance, Japan is experiencing an extensive rise in the geriatric population rate.

Global Market Study on Crustaceans: Direct Distribution Channel to Witness High Growth Potential in the Years to Come

Price : $4900 | Published : 28-Feb-2018

Crustaceans are a group of invertebrate aquatic fauna consisting of many species. Crabs, lobsters, crustaceans, krill, crayfish, prawns and wood lice are the best known crustaceans.

Global Market Study on Microalgae: North America to be Largest Market for Microalgae during 2017 to 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 28-Feb-2018

Sought in both freshwater and marine environments, microalgae find extensive utilization as food as well as live feed in aquaculture. Gaining popularity as a promising nutrient source, microalgae impart high nutrition and comprise high-value compounds including pigments, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. The market size and quantities of nutrients produced from microalgae, although being significantly smaller than various other commodity crops, outlook of demand for microalgae-based nutrients is expected to be impressive in the foreseeable future.

Global Market Study on Infant Clinical Nutrition: APEJ to Account for Largest Revenue Share of the Market during 2017 to 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 28-Feb-2018

Malnutrition in children prevails as a grave concern worldwide. Increasing birth rate coupled with mounting number of premature births has led toward demand for nutrition-rich supplements for young infants. Extremely preterm infants require high nutrition supply that is challenging to meet as growth faltering is common. In adequate growth has further been linked with poor neurodevelopmental outcomes. Although improved early growth in children is associated with good cognitive outcomes, possibility of a trade-off based on worse metabolic outcomes exists.

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