Heat Treatment Salts Market

Heat Treatment Salts Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2015 to 2019 and Forecast 2020 - 2028

Heat Treatment Salts: Introduction

Heat treatment salts are utilized in salt bath furnaces for melting purpose to assist in formation of molten salt bath. This is further utilized for conducting various operations including descaling, cleaning, annealing, tempering, hardening and other operations on the components by dipping them into the solution.

Different variety or composition of salts are formulated to meet functional requirement to operate at high temperatures ranging between 150 to over 1200 degree Celsius. These salts are vital constituents utilized in various metal fabrication, finishing and heat treatment processes across manufacturing, metals and mining, metallurgical and other special purpose applications and industries.

Heat Treatment Salts are formed from the inorganic compounds like blends of various different salts to give the preferable melting point and working range and chemical characteristics. Heat Treatment Salts are mainly used into sealed pack, later they are heated in furnace to carry out a pack carburizing process. Heat Treatment Salts are used for the descaling, annealing, steel quenching, austempering, martempering, hardening, nitriding, carbonitriding, carburizing, solution treatment, deep brazing, cleaning and other treatment applications.

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Heat Treatment Salts: Market Drivers

Increasing manufacturing industry output as well as construction industry across the globe utilize various structural products, assemblies and components for fabrication and design of structures, machines and components. These activities utilize heat treated products and heat treatment processes as intermediary steps in their manufacturing process.

The increasing number of applications in the Chemical industries, as well as increasing water treatment industries, trigger extensive use of heat treatment process for product manufacturing. These activities are likely to strengthen the growth of the Heat Treatment Salts market in the upcoming period. Significant demand of Heat Treatment Salts for descaling purpose in oil gas and water treatment industries are further expected to create opportunities for the growth of the Heat Treatment Salts market in the forecast period. 

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Impact of COVID19 on Heat Treatment Salts Market

With the ongoing pandemic of COVID19 industrial activity has been affected to a considerable extent with disruption of supply chain and resulting in demand contraction. This has also negatively impacted in demand for Heat Treatment Salts.

With gradual improvement in industrial output and start of stalled infrastructure projects and manufacturing activities, the demand of heat treatment salts is likely to witness a slow yet steady uptake by first quarter of 2021.

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Heat Treatment Salts: Market Segmentation

basis on type
  • Neutral Salt
  • Quenching & Tempering Salts
  • Rubber Curing Salts
  • Solution Heat Treating/ Annealing of Aluminum
  • Descaling Salts
  • Common Salts
basis on Applications
  • Thermal energy Storage
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgical production
  • Rubber curing industries


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???????Heat Treatment Salts: Regional Outlook

Demand for heat treatment salts is dependent on manufacturing output and extent of it utilization in the industries. Heat treatment processes are almost part of all the manufacturing and production processes across industries. Owing to substantial automotive production and metal industry output, Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate consumption of heat treatment salts across the globe. Infrastructure investments, increasing urbanization trend and various smart city projects are further expected to indirectly fuel demand for heat treatment salts in the region.

North America and Europe region is expected to exhibit maturing market growth conditions in global heat treatment salts owing to settled infrastructure and marginal growth in other economic activities. Increasing demand for descaling activities in oil and gas industries, water desalination plants and improving water treatment industry infrastructure in Middle East, Africa and Latin American region is expected to provide substantial growth opportunities in heat treatment salts consumption in near future.

Heat Treatment Salts: Key Market Players

Some of the key market participants identified across the value chain in global heat treatment salts market include:

  • Yara International
  • SQM International
  • QingHai Salt Lake Industry
  • Enesoon
  • Zhejiang Lianda Chemical
  • Jiangxi Kinglita
  • Wentong Potassium Salt Group
  • XiaXian Yunli Chemicals
  • Weifang Changsheng Nitrate
  • Sinkiang Nitrate Minerals
  • Sichuan Shifang Nongke Chemical
  • Shanxi Bingsheng Fertilizer
  • Shanxi Knlan Chemical
  • Shanxi Jiaocheng Mingxing Chemical
  • Sichuan Wanfu Phosphate Fertilizer Industrial
  • Shanxi Jiaocheng Tianlong Chemical

Heat Treatment Salts Report cover the exhaustive analysis on:

  • Heat Treatment Salts Introduction
  • Heat Treatment Salts Market Segmentation
  • Heat Treatment Salts Market Dynamics
  • Heat Treatment Salts use and demand
  • Current Trend/issue/Challenges in the Heat Treatment Salts market
  • Competitions and  the company involved in the Heat Treatment Salts market
  • Value chain of the Heat Treatment Salts market

Heat Treatment Salts Regional analysis include:

  • North America
  • Europe 
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South America
  • Middle East & Africa

This Heat Treatment Salts report given by the analyst. It is referral by the first-hand information by the company analyst which gives the inputs and industries participation across the value chain. This report provides in depth the analysis of Heat Treatment Salts parent market trends, challenges, and market attractiveness as per depend on the segment. This reports also map the qualitative impact by market dynamics, market segments, and by geographically. This reports also gives the information about the impact of covid19 on the global market of Heat Treatment Salts.

Heat Treatment Salts Report Highlights:

  • Detailed overview of parent market of Heat Treatment Salts
  • Changing the market dynamics in the industry
  • In-depth Heat Treatment Salts segmentation
  • Historical, current, and projected market size in terms of volume and value
  • Recent industry trends and developments in Heat Treatment Salts Market
  • Heat Treatment Salts market competitive landscape
  • Strategies of key players in Heat Treatment Salts market and products offered
  • Potential and niche segments, geographical regions exhibiting promising growth in Heat Treatment Salts markets.
  • A neutral perspective on Heat Treatment Salts market performance
  • Must-have information for market players to sustain and enhance their market footprint

Note: The all statements present in report is on fact, opinion and analysis are those of the respective analyst. They do not reflect the formal position and the view of the company.

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