Electric Screw Gun Market

Electric Screw Gun Market: Global Industry Analysis 2015 - 2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020 - 2030

Global Electric Screw Gun Market Outlook

The growing need among residence owners for a convenient and comfortable way of life has prompted the quick appropriation of doing it yourself products, such as electric power tools. Compared with physical screwdrivers, electric screw guns help the users in tightening or loosening screws completely in a brief timeframe.

An upsurge in the labor costs in developed nations is additionally driving the worldwide electric screw gun market. As purchasing electric power tools are necessary for end-users so that they are not reliable on the labor and branded electric screw guns are more superior and rarely need repairing.

Further, rapid development in developing countries is also a key factor for the more utilization of electric screw guns. Also, urbanization has effected significant changes in the living standards of individuals in both developed and developing nations. Thus, these are significant factors that are pushing up the demand to do it yourself electrical power tools in the market.

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Global Electric Screw Gun Market: Market Dynamics

Drivers for Electric Screw Gun Market

The rise in the flow of investments for constructing new residential buildings and remodeling old buildings has increased significantly in a spare time, particularly in developing nations.

Further, the global construction industry has extended at a quick pace over the most couple of years. As with the rise in the spending power of an individual, people are shifting from rural to semi-urban cities which drives the electric screw gun market. Moreover, advancement in technology has also played a vital role in increasing the demand for electric screw gun market.

Trends for Electric Screw Gun Market

The growth of electric screw guns is inferable from the rising demand for faster, versatile, and valuable electric power tools. A cordless electric screw gun is lightweight, and dissimilar to corded electric screw guns, and doesn’t require a continuous flow of electricity which makes its mobility simple.

The top manufacturing players in the electric screw gun market are manufacturing cordless screw guns with the help of prominent and lightweight lithium batteries.

Moreover, the demand for corded screw guns may decline, and the trend of cordless electric screw guns is expected to grow in the coming foreseeable future.

Opportunities for Electric Screw Gun Market

The top players in the electric screw gun market are focusing more on the development of an electric screw gun with lower power consumption. To grab the opportunity manufacturers like BSH Home Appliances Corporation have started manufacturing electric screw guns with Li-ion batteries.

Further, the manufacturers in the electric screw gun market investing more in product development and innovation to provide end-users the energy-efficient electric screw guns which would help to increase the demand for electric screw guns in the market.

Thus, by providing energy-efficient electric screw guns which would have lower self-discharge ability would create a lucrative opportunity for the electric screw gun market in the forecasted period.

Challenges for Electric Screw Gun Market

The biggest challenges faced by the power tools market players are that the power tools market is highly fragmented and there had been infrequent purchases of electric screw guns due to the longer average lifespan of electric screw guns.

The lifecycle of electric screw guns and other power tools is longer and doesn’t regular maintenance as compared to other electric power tools. Some electric screw guns are more costly and are considered as one-time speculation.

Moreover, if the electric screw guns average life expectancy it would bring down the demand of the electric screw guns in the market. Thus, the factor considers is the major restraints for the electric screw gun market.

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Global Electric Screw Gun Market: Market Segmentation

On the basis of product type
  • Corded
  • Cordless
On the basis of voltage
  • 8-16 V
  • 17-25 V
  • 25-32 V
  • 32 V & Above
On the basis of maximum speed (RPM)
  • 430-650 RPM
  • 1000-1800 RPM
  • 1900-2200 RPM
  • 3700-5000 RPM
  • 6000 RPM & Above
On the basis of pricing
  • Mass/ Economic
  • Premium
On the basis of end-users
  • Household/ Residential
  • Commercial
    • Building Construction
    • Hotels
    • Others


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Global Electric Screw Gun Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global electric screw gun market are Apex Tool Group LLC, Chervon (China) Trading Co. Ltd., Koki Holdings co. Ltd., Black+Decker Inc., Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, 3M, Techtronic, Makita USA Inc., Emerson Electric Co., and many others.

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Electric Screw Gun Market: Regional Outlook

The electric screw gun market is classified into seven key areas: Latin America, North America, East Asia, Europe, Oceania, South Asia, and the Middle East & Africa.

North America and Asia-Pacific are expected to dominate the global electric gun market due to rapid growth in the home industry in the specific region. The rise in spending power has let people buy electric power tools and accomplished their task individually.

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