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Market Research Reports - Persistence Market Research

Persistence Market Research (PMR) prides itself in furnishing clients with reports that are tailored to suit businesses in every industry. From Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices, and Biotechnology, to Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages, Chemicals and Materials, and Shipping and Transportation – we publish hundreds of research reports every year. At competitive industry prices, we promise to provide market reports that are not only accurate but also offer innovative and practical solutions to research issues at both global as well as regional levels.

Our team of experienced research analysts observe, follow, assess, and predict micro and macro trends within a given industry. By identifying lucrative markets and bringing to the fore segments in need of attention, our reports strive to ensure you are equipped with the latest market intelligence. The insightful and easy-to-interpret infographics are specially designed to support our comprehensive research reports and present before you information that is both cohesive and well-rounded.

Key Highlights of PMR’s Market Research Reports

Our high-pedigree research analysts work with the best analytical tools and methodologies in the practice. PMR leaves no stone unturned; we lay emphasis on garnering every piece of information, no matter how small, and maximizing every data set to see what others fail to notice.

Fundamentals of PMR’s market research reports are:
•    Industrial landscape
•    Pivotal success factors
•    Market segmentation
•    Value chain analysis
•    Industry growth drivers and inhibitors
•    Opportunities for growth
•    Technology outlook
•    Application outlook
•    Region-wise industry outlook
•    Country-specific analysis
•    Competitive landscape
•    Market share analysis of key players
•    Company profiles (general overview, SWOT analysis, product portfolio, recent developments, and financial status)

Superior Value for Your Business

We at PMR want what’s best for your business. Targeting the highest ROI for customers, we provide market research reports that not only include comprehensive information but also offer in-depth assessment of market dynamics and statistical data. Market research is an enduring process. Our dedicated analysts sift through a mountain of raw data derived from primary and secondary research, bring forth refined and intuitive information for your every business need, and package each research report in an easy-to-navigate format.

The sole inspiration and motivation behind every market report is the fact that our efforts and knowledge benefit our customers. And this is the ultimate goal.

Subscribe to our Market Research Reports

PMR offers market research report subscription services to non-profit organizations, public libraries, and academic institutes (including community colleges). Staring from as low as US$4600 for the entire site, our reasonably-priced subscriptions are complementary to your every business need. Start-ups and library consortiums may get in touch with us for special discounts.

What it means to be a PMR subscriber?

•    You can avail up to 15% discount on customization of market research reports
•    You will receive latest updates relevant to your industry segment
•    You can gain instant access to market research reports published by PMR
•    You will receive customized notifications for every latest published report

To learn more about our market research report services, please feel free to contact one of our consulting specialists.

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