Chemicals and Nanomaterials

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Chemicals and Nanomaterials

If there is any industry that has been heavily influenced by the growing trend of sustainability and going green, it is the chemicals sector. The shifting consumer preference for greener and smarter products has driven chemicals companies to not just address but even predict the demand for new solutions, materials, and applications. Consumer-driven sustainability stems from the fact that not just developed but even developing economies have been working toward curbing waste and pollution. Also driving the chemicals industry is the explosion of technologies such as collaborative robots, 3D printing, and micro manufacturing or nanomaterials. Perhaps the biggest challenge the chemicals industry faces is regulatory compliance. Strict norms related to the use, handling, and transportation of chemicals govern the way companies within the industry function and thrive.

It has become imperative for companies within the chemicals sector to anticipate similar technological and societal changes and to plan a future that is centered on being unconventional and innovative. Persistence Market Research’s insight into what propels the chemicals industry helps clients monetize the ongoing micro and macro trends. 

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