Color Filter Glass Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2013 to 2017 and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Color Filter Glass  Market
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Color Filter Glass Market Overview

Color filter glasses are useful for isolating specific regions of a spectrum. They transmit light within defined wavelength ranges while absorbing other undesired wavelengths. These optical bandpass filters have broad spectral bandwidths in either the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared spectrums. Color glass filters are useful for selective wavelength absorption and therefore achieve high out of band blocking. Color filter glasses have the ability to make filter curve almost independent of the angle of light. The nearly black filters absorb visible radiation. They are perfect for ultraviolet or infrared detection applications. Shortpass type color glass filter has a very low transmission in long wavelengths and high transmission in the short wavelengths. IR filters are often used in night vision and IR sensing systems.

Color Filter Glass Market Dynamics

Color filter glasses are used for all types of high technology industries including cameras/optical instruments, physical and chemical appliances, educational materials, electronic instruments, optoelectronic instruments, medical devices, optical industrial equipment, and many other industrial equipments, where they have earned a reputation for excellence. The major factor that drives the growth of the color filter glass market is their application in medical instruments. Rising Demand in medical devices is likely to boost the demand of color filter glass in the forecast period. Increasing demand for smartphones & digital cameras also gains the market for color filter glasses as color filter glasses are the basic need while the development of any camera either it is a digital camera or smartphones camera. The rise in automation & robotics demands for clear machine vision, high transmittance & blocking, creates a better marketplace for color filter glass. Color filter glass plays a pivotal role in night vision as color filter glass deposited different refractive indices for better vision. All the aforementioned influencing factor are anticipated to drive the global color filter glasses market in the forecast period.

Color Filter Glass Market Segmentation

The Global market for color glass filter is segmented on the basis of product type, surface type, application type & sales channel. On the basis of product type, color filter glass is segmented as sharp cut filters, infrared transmitting filter, blue filter, green filter, light balancing filter, color compensating filter, neutral density filter, heat absorbing filter, ultraviolet transmitting filters, multiband calibration filters & others. On the basis of surface type, color filter glasses are split into polished color filter glass & unpolished color filter glass. On the basis of their application, color filter glasses are segmented as machine vision, night vision, CRT display/LCD/FED, imaging, calibration, UV trans-illuminator, telecommunication, electronic instrumentation, medical devices & others. On the basis of sales channel, color filter glass market is segmented as direct-to-customer channel, third-party online channel, specialty stores, value-added resellers, modern trade channels & other trade channels.

Color Filter Glass Market Regional Overview

The global market for color filter glass is divided into North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, APEJ (Asia Pacific excluding Japan), MEA (Middle East & Africa). Among the above-mentioned regions, color filter glass market in developed regions have high penetration rate due to the high acceptance of machine automation in industrialization & medical field. North America dominates in the global color filter glass market & holds a significant share & likely to lead during the forecast period followed by Europe. Emerging market like China, India, Brazil & Mexico along with MEA shows high demand of color filter glass in the forecast period due to rise in automation.

Color Filter Glass Market Prominent Players

Several global & regional players run the global market for color filter glass. Some of the major players in the color filter glass market are Hoya Corporation USA, Schott AG, Kopp Glass, Sydor Optics, Optics & Allied Engineering Ltd, Photonics Optics, Specialty Glass Products, Inc, Laurel Industries, Sterling Precision Optics. Glen Mills Inc. & other prominent players

Color Filter Glass Market Competitive Assessment

The global Color Filter Glass market is defined by the presence of some of the leading competitors operating in the market, including the well-established players and new entrants, and the suppliers, vendors, and distributors. The key players are continuously focusing on expanding their geographic reach and broadening their customer base, to expand their product portfolio and come up with new advancements.

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