Global Uveitis Treatment Market to be Driven by the High Prevalence of Eye Disorders

  • Published On : May 11, 2015
Uveitis (intraocular inflammation) is a swelling or inflammation of the middle layer of the human eye, which is known as uvea. It is a condition that can be caused due to surgery, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory disorders, and injuries. Uveitis treatment varies as per the type of uveitis and helps to subdue inflammation, control tissue damage, reducing pain, and restore vision. 

In 2014, the global uveitis treatment market stood at US$539.0 million and is anticipated to reach US$822.5 million by the end of 2020, growing at a positive 7.3% CAGR between the years 2014 and 2020.

The increasing prevalence of eye disorders, rising aging population, growing initiatives by government across the globe to reduce eye disorders, and the increasing investments in research and development efforts for drug/medicine discovery and development are some of the key factors propelling the demand for uveitis treatment globally. The emerging trends of this market include increased use of anti-TNF-alpha inhibitor treatment and the rising prevalence of drug induced uveitis. In addition, the players of this market can capitalize on high usage of electronic medical records to expand their business horizon.

However, lack of awareness about eye disorders, poor infrastructure of healthcare facilities, and inadequate facilities in terms of health insurance in emerging economies are some of the factors likely to hamper the growth of global uveitis treatment market in the near future.

Anterior Uveitis Treatment Market to Reach US$416.3 Million by 2020

On the basis of types, the global uveitis treatment market can be segmented into panuveitis, intermediate uveitis, anterior uveitis, and posterior uveitis. Among these, anterior uveitis segment holds the largest market share. In 2014, the anterior uveitis treatment market was valued at US$273.1 million and is estimated to reach a worth of US$416.3 million by the end of 2020, exhibiting progressive 7.3% CAGR between the years 2014 and 2020.

In the global uveitis treatment market, some of the treatments available for the uveitis condition are immunosuppressive medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and antiviral/antibiotic medications.

Asia Pacific Market for Uvetis Treatment to Grow Rapidly in the Near Future 

The global uveitis treatment market has been geographically divided into four broad regions, which include Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World.

Among these regions, North America holds the largest market share. The market for uvetis in North America is mainly driven by the escalating aging population and the increased investments in research and development for developing innovative drugs by the drug makers. In North America, around 500,000 people get affected by uveitis annually; among which, about 50,000 new cases of blindness are registered due to uveitis. This approximately accounts for 10% of the total cases of blindness recorded in this region. In the near future however, increasing awareness about uveitis is expected to fuel the growth of the market.

Furthermore, the Asia Pacific uveitis treatment market is anticipated to grow rapidly in the coming years due to the increasing number of patients suffering from uvetis and increased disposable income of the regional population. High demand for uvetis treatment will be exhibited by countries such as China and Japan. In Europe, the uveitis treatment market is growing significantly due to the increased number of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and AIDS.

The prominent players of the global uveitis treatment market include AbbVie Inc., OphthaliX Inc., Alcon, Inc., Enzo Biochem Inc., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, pSivida Corp., Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,Allergan, Inc., and XOMA Corporation to list a few. A lot of efforts are taken by the drug manufacturing companies to develop new and innovative products to treat uveitis.

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