Improper Sleep to Drive the Sleep Masks Market

  • Published On : Sep 07, 2020

The travel and tourism industry has been witnessing a substantial growth in the last few years. As such, the sleep masks market is gaining traction. Travels do vie for healthy sleep at the time of long journeys. Plus, the number of people battling sleep apnea is accelerating day after day. These factors are expected to catalyse the sleep masks market in the forecast period.

The WTO (World Tourism Organization) states that the number of people travelling overseas crossed 1.4 Bn in the year 2018 (up by 6% in 2017). One of the principal reasons for this growth is the development in aviation sector. The UK, Italy, US, Spain, France are amongst the countries most visited. At the same time, it needs to be noted that the cities like Moscow, Istanbul, Delhi, Manila, and Riyadh are looked upon as future tourist destinations.

Sleep Masks Market Dynamics

The developing countries like Russia, India, China, and Brazil are witnessing rise in urban middle-class population. This, in turn, has raised the bar for quantitative international travel. The manufacturers of masks have been designing sleep masks for travels in particular. Silk or lightweight cotton masks are the most preferred ones.

On the other hand, sleeping disorders are prevalent in India, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, Ireland, Canada, the UK, and US. This could be credited to sedentary lifestyles. This trend is likely to broaden the sleep masks market in the forecast period, as people prefer natural remedies in place of medications (to avoid side-effects).

Offbeat Launches

Madewell and Parachute, since the year 2018, started offering travel kits with an eye mask and Merino wool blanket. Likewise, Lunya has its restore sleep mask. It is best-suited for those who find it necessary to filter out background noise. It’s an oversized sleep mask that gets away with airplane chatter. For those having a sensitive skin, Slipsilk pure silk sleep mask works the best for long flights. It is hypoallergenic. OstrichPillow loop, as the name suggests, is a mixture of travel pillow and sleep mask. Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Advanced Sleep Therapy Mask had drawn numerous eyeballs at 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. The users are able of activating calming blue or red lights by mere push of button. These settings help in having a sound sleep. This mask proves to be ideal while snoozing on plane on lights being “ON”.

The Covid-19 Impact

The outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in the travel and tourism industry coming to a complete standstill. The international travel has come to a 100% halt since then. As such, even though sleep masks are not in demand from the travel and tourism industry, they are asked for by the healthcare industry as it has been confirmed that proper sleep is one of the ways to cure/prevent Covid-19.

Insights through Distribution Channel

Till 2019, it was the offline distribution channel doing the rounds. However, post the onslaught of Covid-19, it’s the online channels taking the centrestage. Also, companies have been emphasizing on advancing online distribution channels for expanding their reach. Earth Therapeutics, in Jun 2019, did launch a new-fangled website for enhancing the shopping experience of customers. However, it has picked up pace post Mar 2020. This scenario is expected to persist going forward as well, as social distancing would still be very much in place (so people will refrain from opting for brick and mortar stores).

How about Going Region-Wise?

North America held the largest market share in 2019 and is expected to continue with the same between 2020 and 2030 as well. The increase in restless leg syndrome (apart from sleep disorders) is driving the share. Europe comes in second with obesity taking a toll on the health. It is a known fact that obesity results in sleep disorders. Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the highest rate of growth due to increasing awareness regarding usage of sleep masks in place of tablets.

The Key Players

The key players in the sleep masks market include Alaska Bear, Sonoma Lavender Co., LumosTech, Inc., Nidra Goods, Bedtime Bliss, Earth Therapeutics, HappyLuxe, LC Industries, Inc., Sleep Master, Dream Essentials, LLC, EcoTools, and Napiform. As far as new products are concerned, Xiaomi Corporation, in Oct 2019, did launch Easy Air Brain Wave Sleeping Eye Mask.

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